May 02, 2009

Happy NSD!

Hey, hey, hey...yep it's bright and early, but I have already gotten to scrapbooking. The sad thing is that I am sitting in my workout clothes, eventually I will get there...but I just got too excited and had to start. I belong to a message board, Two Peas in a Bucket that is offering contests all day long. So if you girls are bored, then check them out at this page under challenges on the right hand column. I know, I'm sad...but I've got nothing else to do.

Here is my first layout of the day (and the first time I have scanned and stitched a 12x12 layout, so the colors are off - my apologies):

I'll keep posting more as they come ;) {not that you really care}

Okay, here is another didn't take me this long to create it. I actually made it to the gym and then we went to a movie. I also made the most delicious enchiladas for dinner with KC and our neighbor Steve. Anyway, onto the layout (it is actually 2 12x12 pages)...

Last one of the night..


  1. This is really cute Gen! And it's my understanding that digitally stitching pages is very difficult, so you should give yourself a break. I've never even tried it. I think my sister and I are "digitally" shopping for scrapbook stuff together later today! Yeah for internet! I'm excited.

  2. That is so cool that you could scan your did a great job with the wedding photos....keep showing us your pages :)

  3. VERY cool! I'm jealous-I really need to learn how to do this kind of stuff! They look great!

  4. THOSE LAYOUTS ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!! i have got to start scrapbooking again!!!!!

  5. Gen, the layouts are darling!! Way to go, I sure miss you guys, especially when I see you scrapbooking!! I can't wait to see your album...maybe you will have it done by July?!??