May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend Vacation

My mom and two sisters, Kelsy and Kristin visited over the weekend. And even though they left over two days ago, I am just now getting my energy back from our crazy weekend. We hit 5 different states in 5 days. Could we have done any more? I don't think so. But that is one thing my family is good for, running around and having fun.

Since we have arrived in Springfield, KC and I have taken a lot of time to travel around the area. We recognize our time here is brief, so we try to take advantage of that small window of time we have to experience everything out here. It was so exciting to share some of these places with my family, and to see their reaction to them.

None of us are/were gaga for Boston. It has its History, none of which us girls are that into. Half the sites on the freedom trail we just walked by since none of us knew what they were. We were more interested in getting to see Fenway, TD Banknorth Arena, the Harbor, and the shopping District. And can I say that KC was an absolute trooper following 4 girls around. He gets a gold star for that!

After spending a night in Boston, we took off midday to quickly see the Gillette Stadium, which sadly had the NCAA Lacrosse Championship taking place. So we didn't get out and walk around. Still cool to see, since I haven't ever seen a football stadium. We flew past the stadium and headed south for some good old Rhode Island beauty in New Port.

The day was absolutely perfect. We honestly couldn't have asked for better weather. My family fell in love with the Atlantic coast, and somehow I have a feeling it won't be the last time they go back there. It is a secret that should be shared more. But then again maybe that is what makes it so awesome, it isn't overrun with tourists. And you get all the beauty of New England and the coast. I love Rhode Island.

Later on Saturday we headed home, but stopped in Providence for dinner. And lucky us that we did. They started the summer event called "WaterFire". At this, they light the Providence river with Bonfires down the middle. The atmosphere created one of those memorable moments, like having new years eve on the redondo pier, while sipping Hot Chocolate (only Hilary may know this feeling). But it makes you fall in love with the city from the moment you step into it. I am so glad that my mom and sisters were there to experience this with us.

The last two days were hard to follow after Rhode Island. We took time to go through the Basketball Hall of Fame. And then we headed back up to the first site KC and I visited, Brattleboro, VT and drove across the river into New Hampshire. They all liked the views and Antique shops in VT . And my mom got a 1807 bible at a garage sale in NH, and deemed that was the best part of her trip. Did she go to Rhode Island? hmm...I guess I'm not that religious or into old things or something.

Monday, we walked Forest Park here in Springfield. It was designed by the same guy would did Central Park. My family was surprised how big and diverse in scenery the park was.

And then I had to send them on their way. I got "misty eyed" and realized that maybe family visiting isn't the best thing, I miss them more than I did a week ago. And it kinda set me back a bit. But then again, nah, it was the best! Thank you Kristin, Mom, and Kelsy. I know it wasn't easy on the bank or on your feet. I know you guys took time off of work and away from your family (poor Dano and Asher). But I REALLY appreciate you guys coming and spending this time with KC and I. We hope to do it again sometime...say New Years Eve (and we can hit Times Square?)?


  1. KC totally gets a gold star! Thanks KC. And thanks Vieve. One of the BEST vacations EVER! I highly recommend others visit you guys.

  2. I'm glad you guys all had such a good time together. All the pictures are great!

  3. Hilary = Tears.

    I'm sad.

  4. That looks like you had SO much fun! It is so beautiful up there-I am jealous. If I had more money we'd be flying up there tomorrow! I'm glad you had so much fun and got to see your fam!

  5. by the way...I forgot to mention that I LOVE the picture of the 4 of you girls standing in the street, where Kelsey is up front-it's very artsy-very cool looking!
    If KC took that he gets another gold star!!

  6. Know what? Will and I have been talking aobut what to do around the holidays, since he doesnt want to be flying all over the place when he gets back from Iraq, and we had mentioned maybe driving up and doing Christmas in New York. Would you be around then so we could stop by and see you?? (Of course, this is all in the "talking about it" stages...nothing set in stone.)

  7. You have the most awesome family!