June 06, 2009

It Won't Let You Down (or will it?)

Degree Deodorant has been good to me over the years. And it's motto "Degree: It won't let you down" has been confirmed time and time again. Until yesterday, it totally let me down.

I had just gone to the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and then opened the mirror to grab the air freshener (don't judge me!). When I grabbed the spray my deodorant got bumped out of the mirror and flew directly into the toilet (which was still flushing). And it went down. It totally let me down.

I really saw it happen in slow motion, but still it happened so fast that it was long gone before I even thought to try and grab it before it flushed down. It didn't swirl until it fit into the bottom of the toilet, it was a straight shot down the hole (that's what she said ...couldn't help it). But really, my deodorant it picture below. It wasn't a travel size, believe me I would sweat through one of those in a day. It was the full sized plastic tube.

So after having to explain to the management office what happened, and having 3 maintenance workers try to get the deodorant out of the plumbing, we got a replacement toilet. So moral to the story, renting isn't so bad because mistakes don't cost you that much. And second, close the lid after you flush.


  1. Ha Ha! That's a good story and leaves me envious that we are no longer renters. I LOVED making the phone calls that something was broken and demanding it to be fixed. Too bad I can't do that anymore. :(

  2. Hi Vieve. We miss you too much! Now we know how far away you really are and it makes some days a bit trickier. So I do check your blog often to see if maybe there's a message I can feel. Kels had a dream the other night about you and that was fun! Love the Degree story. Kind of adds a new element to the old, "You know that thing you stick your bum into? I think it's broken," comment from Kelsy that was said in days gone by. That story is right up the old family #2 alley! Feel the love. Mom

  3. That's funny! We close the lid every time, because Logan was having too much fun in the toliet. Imagine little Lego people and action figures swimming around. Eww.