September 06, 2009

It's been a Whale of a Month

I told my mom right before I left Salt Lake City to come home, that I felt like the energizer bunny. I keep going and going. I also told her I think that my battery is almost run out. I am pretty exhausted after what has been a crazy month.

I started off August by traveling alone to NYC for full day. I had a trade show to go to and it was a success. I met a ton of advertisers and got probably 50 business cards. I also considered it a success because I visited the Today show before I had to get to the exhibition. I got within 3 feet of Matt Lauer. Success, I would say yes it was!

KC took off for Salt Lake City that same day, so for the week I was by myself and used this as a chance to gut the apartment, get some extra work done for my job, and visited with friends. I even squeezed in a night of camping.

I then joined KC the following week in Salt Lake and stayed for two weeks. I worked my butt off to train 4 employees and then ran around after work to see as much family and friends as I could. It was insane! And if you told me in December during our first visit back that I would be craving to get back to Springfield during this visit I would have said you needed to get your head checked. But I really did miss many things about Springfield. It's weird how somewhere else can become your home. Anyway, I did enjoy my time in Salt Lake. It was so good to see both my family and KC's. All of them looked good and happy, and that's all we could ask for.

So now we are back, work hasn't slowed down. Surprise, surprise. But we are definitely enjoying our three day weekend and having some of our friends back from their summer trips home. And we got right back into exploring the Northeast.

Saturday afternoon we drove out to Boston for a whale watch tour. We missed our boat. Well KC and Steve missed the boat. I ran a mile to get there on time, but those two lazy boys refused to. I was hoping that if I got there I could hold the boat from leaving. But I couldn't hold it for enough time. The boys got there literally 1 minute after they closed the gate. Bummer! Luckily, they were kind enough to exchange our tickets for the next tour. So with 3 hours to kill we went to a restaurant and got a late lunch. It was in one of those restaurants where the window are removed for the summer days. I love those, it was nice to have a breeze too since I was completely sweaty from my run to the boat. And the boys got to watch football on the tv's. So all was good.

Finally at 5, we boarded the boat and got prime spots right at the front of the catamaran. As the boat took off at full speed, we got completely winded and our poor faces froze. But it was all worth it when we got to the whale sanctuary and hour later. It was the furthest I had been into the ocean. Far enough that you couldn't see any land. I know I have said it before, but the water is more beautiful to me than any piece of land. I am drawn to the water, most of my most favorite memories occurred at the ocean, lakes, rivers, or waterfalls. And this moment is easily added to that bank.

As we got closer we saw small fish jumping out of the water and two tuna breach. At that point we started to get really excited. Then the boat slowed to a near stop and they announced that if we looked to 12:30 that we would see a hump-back. It was pretty far away at this point, basically this is what we saw:

The boat slowly approached the whale and we saw that it wasn't just one hump-back it was two! They then arched their backs and went in for a dive. We learned that whales eat 2,000 pounds of krill a day. So when they dive down they show their fin because it helps propel them downwards. Which I was happy about because it means we got alot of views of the beautiful 12 foot span of the fin. Absolutely gorgeous:

And I have to say that we lucked out by going on the later tour, because we got the sun set as well:

And I could go on and on with the whale pics. We took only 150 of them. All in all we got to see about 10 hump-backs, 2 minke whales, 2 tunas, and a ton of little fish. We even got as close as 10 feet from the whales. It was awesome! KC and I already decided we have to do it again next year. With that, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pics:


  1. Miss you already. Miss Boston too!

    Those pictures just fill me with jealousy, looks like I'll have to come back soon to take this tour, it looks awesome!

  2. Ok that settles it-we are saving our pennies and visiting next year at this time. I love, Love, LOVE whales! You got such a great view! Impressive for sure!
    I'm glad you are happy in your new life. We miss you, but get to see you at Christmas time! :)