September 27, 2009


I haven't posted lately not because nothing has happened. Just because I haven't felt like it, okay?! I am not going to make this post about how I am overworked etc. Even though I am. So instead what am I supposed to write about? How about some things I am consumed by currently (besides work).

Typically I stick to reading young adult fiction. So when I started this book I wasn't too sure how I was going to handle the more intellectual writing style. Its not that I can't understand it, it just takes more work. And when I read I like it to be for enjoyment not for learning. I work my brain too much during the day, I like to give it a rest. But once I got used to the writing, this book hasn't been a challenge because it is SO good. It reminds me of the Da Vinci Code in the fact that you can't tell fact from fiction. But this time its about Dracula. Though I have to say, it isn't for the weak. I have thought about sticking the book in the freezer once or twice.

Coughing has consumed my last week and half of life. I pride myself on being healthy and getting sick rarely. But this one got me good, KC kicked it in maybe 3 days. However, I think because I have continued to be stubborn and live my life through it I've been punished. I refuse to take a day off or to not exercise. I can see an end in sight though.

New TV definitely needs to be on this list. How did Big Bang theory not win any Emmy awards? Well, the answer, the Emmys are rigged. Point in Fact: Tina Fey didn't win for best actress in a comedy. But the Emmys did two good things, having Neil Patrick Harris host and having Jimmy Fallon present. In case you missed it: (I've watching this like 10 times, so funny)

But back to my point, The Big Bang Theory is hilarious and if you aren't watching it you need to. Also another show you need to watch...Glee! It's like High School Musical for adults. Krick, please tell me you watch this. Football players dancing "Single Ladies", wonderfully fantastic! Then you've got How I Met Your Mother, in which I love Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris. We even cancelled our Netflix because there is FINALLY too many good shows on that we can't keep up with the movies we order.

Exercise is always a big part of my life, but lately I have taken my daily hour more serious and really pressed for results. I have handled not having candy or desserts pretty good. And I feel like I have gotten rid of the "junky" feeling I've had for the last year. My clothes are fitting better, but haven't had to be replaced. And I am okay with that. I just like feeling good again. has consumed our nights. KC gets on and shows me the best during commercials. If you don't get what it is from the name, I can't describe it to you, just check it out.

I always like to cook more in the fall than any other time of the year. I think it stems from my mother making so many of my favorite meals in the fall. She used to make Spinach Lasagna, German Stew, and French Dip. The cold weather just means hot soups and comfort foods. Lately I've been trying to make Thursday's soup night at our apartment. KC doesn't know it yet, but that is what is happening. Last week I created my own version of minestrone soup. It was a complete success. This week we are trying a white chili.

On the flip side, things that aren't consuming my life.

Trying to keep our elephanti yucca alive. Ya, it's pretty dead. They say if you can't take care of plant you shouldn't get a pet or have a kid. Maybe I subconsciously sabotaged the life of our plant. Either way, it's a goner.

Calling family and friends. Sorry guys, once again I have been terrible. Can you all forgive me?

And blogging. But you all know that by now.


  1. Love the new background-looks good and very "grown up". What a great post-I have too many things to say! The book about Dracula sounds interesting. I might have to try it-although I'm pretty weak when it comes to gore so we'll see.
    I need to know where you're getting all your recipes. They sound so healthy and yummy! Do share!! Maybe you should start a cooking/recipe blog-I'd read it for sure!
    Everytime I look at the people of Wal-Mart site I pretty much pee my pants from laughter. It is too funny!!!
    I was SO happy when Big Bang Theory came back on-Dang, I love that show! I haven't checked out Glee yet, but everyone seems to love it.
    And, last but not least, way to go on working out and eating healthy! Feeling healthy and not full of crap is the best feeling! I'm doing a cleanse right now, but as soon as that is over-I'm back to the gym and can't wait! I have really missed it. Yah for feeling good and healthy! Plus, we have to skinny up so we can pig out on Thanksgiving and Christmas right? :)

  2. I LOVE Glee too! And yeah, I totally think of Krick when I watch it. Such good stuff! :D

    Also, we totally laughed with the Jimmy Fallon skit too. I only saw like a half hour of the Emmy's but fortunately that and the Dr. Horrible part was part of it.

    Sorry you've been sick. I just got over being sick too, but I hope you are on the mend (and I hear that exercise is actually supposed to help you when your sick?).

    Miss you Vieve!

  3. I hate to admit but I haven't seen Glee yet. I've been meaning to tivo it, but I've been too busy to do even that. You're not the first to say I need to get hook. I'll do my best to get addicted this week.

    I missed the Emmy's, so thanks for sharing the Jimmy Fallon skit. That was awesome!

    Finally, good for you on keeping up with the workout and candy regime. I am on the mend. I attended my first physical therapy appointment this morning. I'll blog about it later. I'll be back up and running in no time...hopefully!

    Oh, thanks for blogging!

  4. My whole household has been coughing for a week. 'Cept me!! (little happy dance) But, it looks miserable. Poor Will cries every time he has to cough, and he has had to learn to deal with cough drops,even though he hates them. Hope you get feeling better soon.

    Glee rocks my world in a way that is illegal in 27 states. I LOVE IT!! So happy to have real TV back, even if it does put a cramp in my style. Blogging has been the sufferer on my end too.

    I can't give up eating, or exercising, or TV. And I shouldn't give up on caring for my kids. (PS...if that plant thing is the measuring stick for ones ability to care for children...then mine need to be taken for sure! I can't keep anything growing. I just killed my Basil plant.)

    Hope you get feeling better and enjoy all your shows!!

  5. Sorry you've been sick, Vieve. My best coughing story was when I had "the cough" two years ago and went to the docs who gave me some cough medicine. I took one teaspoonful and it made me soooo sleepy that I went right to bed. Hilary came in a bit later to ask if she could use the car. She leaned over the bed, I woke up and could swear she was the lead singer for KISS. I totally tossed that bottle of poison out, figuring I'd rather have the cough. Just keep sucking on the eucalyptus cough drops and from what I have heard as far as exercise, anything from the neck up is okay to workout with, but anything in the chest be careful. Just a thought to pass along, but congrats on keeping up the schedule. I keep running, so that I'll still be in shape when Krick picks up the schedule again. And yes, I love soup. Tonight I made cheesy chicken vegetable in bread bowls. Sinful! Take care ~ love Mom