October 10, 2009


7 years ago, I graduated from high school with nothing to look forward to. No job. No school. Friends were all leaving for college or missions. My parent's had just finalized their horrendous divorce. I was depressed to say the least. It was scary to look ahead and see nothing. So I decided to get up off my butt and pick up running. It was something that got me out of the house every day. It made me feel better physically. And it was the one thing I could accomplish each day. I then heard about a thanksgiving 5k going on at my gym. I talked my mom into doing it with me. And I haven't looked back...

I love race day. The feeling of getting up early, and having adrenaline running through your body. Meeting up with friends or family that are anxious to see the course, make a good time, and enjoy themselves. I love the start of a race when all participants are packed together making little steps, trying their hardest to get through the crowd and over the start line. I love running zig zag through a huddle of runners, sliding through any space to get myself one higher ranking on the board. I love the feeling of sweat turning into pure salt crusties on your face. And most importantly is the feeling of looking at the time clock as you close in on the finish. And you use up any last remaining energy to avoid hitting the minute.

When I was young I never earned science awards, tennis awards, dance awards, etc. I wasn't an owner of anything prize worthy. When I took my first 3rd place ribbon in a 5k, I learned that the best part of running is not competing with others. It is the competition with myself that I look forward to the most. It is how I earned that ribbon. I tried to push myself to get a better time. And today I didn't rank in the top 3, but I did earn a metal for getting myself even further. For making myself not lose, but to continue to win these battles. That is why I run. It gets me through anything. And teaches me you can do anything you put your mind too.

Coming into the finish line of the Hartford Half Marathon. I could barely pick up my legs.

Me with my finishers metal. I finished in 2 hours 5 minutes and 55 seconds. I think that was about 9:57/mile, it being 13.1 miles. And it was very hard, but totally the best feeling to accomplish it. Now when is the marathon? JK...not for a while. I think I need a few of these under my belt first.

These are my buddies that ran too. Nate, Me, and Maren. Nate and Maren are fellow law students with KC. Nate was my training partner for the past three months. Thanks for getting us to do this! And go Maren, she finished even with having a sinus infection. We all finished, we all finished in less than 2 and a half hours!


  1. Wow, Vieve. You go! Most likely, what will happen is that Kristin will now run a half-marathon and then somehow I will follow your leads, as I have now for seven years--and loved every minute of it too! You look great, Vieve!

  2. Way to go missy!! That is so amazing to me. I just CAN'T run. Not only do I hate it...but I'm no good at it either. I think it's just amazing that people can, and want, to run. I do know that as much as I hate exercising, period, I can understand the pride you feel when you push yourself a little farther. When I do one extra push-up or go longer on an exercise...there's a pride there. I still don't like it, but I get it...a little.

    Good luck on a marathon....I hear they are brutal! You can do it!

  3. WOW! That is so amazing! Good job!!! I personally never had a goal to do any kind of marathons...but after doing one 5K I did enjoy it. I think a 10K would be my goal- never EVER a marathon! But best of luck to you if you want to do it :)

  4. I'll do a marathon with you! You'd kick my trash, but I really want to. I was looking into the ones next year and I was going to train for one in June. It's always been my goal but I'm always to scared to start training. You rock though. A half marathon is amazing and I've never come in close to 3rd in any race I've run.

  5. That is such an amazing accomplishment! And you made such a great time too-way to go girl! I would LOVE to have that notch on my belt someday! Maybe if you ever move back, hint hint, we can run together. You can help get this lazy butt of mine back in shape! :)
    Thanks for all the inspiration-you rock!

  6. I saw the title of your post and instantly knew this was a race time. I also knew this had to be a time for a half marathon. WTF! Why didn't you tell me you were training for a half. WAY TO GO! I am so VERY VERY proud of you. Just over 2 hours is a great time.

    Just last night I was telling myself that I am going to run a half this next year. It's about time and you've given me the inspiration...or competition :) What if we trained and then run the race together next year?

  7. Holy CRAP Vieve! You totally amaze me! That is really awesome that you did that. I am totally proud of you as well. I'm sure you'll ace a marathon too. :)

  8. That is so awesome! Just thinking about running that far makes my legs hurt!

  9. Congrats!! That is huge! I love that I sit here on my butt and read other people's blogs about how athletic and motivated they are. You especially inspired me today. I think I want to pick up some running. But does it totally bite to run in the winter? I don't know how do it.

    I saw in your pic that you had headphones on. Maybe your next post could be a list of songs from your favorite running mix to give me and other non-runners a jump start. I would love it!

    Way to go on an awesome race time!