November 16, 2009

Pay It Forward - Follow Up

Back in March I posted about Paying it Forward. For the first 3 people that commented on my blog they would receive a homemade/handmade gift within a year. Just have to say, that I have been working on the homemade gifts. And I am pretty proud of myself. The winners were:

Sarah (You haven't moved in a year have you? if so...send me your updated address. Or I might just bring it with me and hope I see you at Christmas)

...And GreedyK, even though you told me not to count you in, I did....don't worry about feeling obligated to pay it forward. You help out the family all the time and we can count that as homemade :)

So with that said, get excited... (okay, now I have built up too much hype. Remember it is still homemade.)


  1. YAY!!! i am SO excited 4 my GIFT!!! i gotta do mine!!!

  2. When I started reading this post I was all bummed I told you to count me out. Hooray for homemade, craft, fru-fru stuff. Can't wait!

  3. I can't wait-I LOVE home-made gifts! Yah! Now..remind me, how exactly am I supposed to pay it forward? I have to make something home made for 3 other people? Man, I feel bad for those three people! :) I don't have a crafty bone in my body, but I'm up for a new adventure, so why not?!

  4. What what!? Are you serious!? Better be good - you've definitely built it up. Only kidding. Can't wait!
    And yes, I'm still at the same address on Main Street.
    How long do we have to pay it forward? A year?
    Anyway, WOOHOO!