November 30, 2009

Turkey Day? or Piggy Day?

I haven't ever been a big fan of Thanksgiving, and not because I am not grateful...I am totally am. I am so blessed, but I would rather recognize that on a daily basis. I also am not a huge fan of cranberries or yams. So ya, the food doesn't draw me in, I prefer Christmas fondue. And the biggest reason for celebrating Thanksgiving, the turkey run at Cottonwood Heights is now not accessible to me.

Last year I was surprised that I enjoyed Thanksgiving. So much, in fact, that I was looking forward to it this year. But after slaving in the kitchen for two days making rolls, homemade stuffing, and a turkey, KC and I sat down to a nice meal but no appetites. KC was sick and I was too exhausted to eat.

The rest of the day consisted of laying around and doing nothing. After a bit, KC's sickness kept getting worse. Until we decided to call the nurse hotline at our Insurance company. The lady informed KC that he need not go to the emergency room, but he may be contagious so not to go out. Which meant no black Friday sales :( So we went back and forth, should I go or should I not. And after much debate I turned in early, so that I could get up before the sun did.

At 3:30am I headed down to Target, but not before testing my hand on KC's forehead for a fever and hoping he would be okay while I was gone. No sale was worth him getting worse, but he was sure he would be fine. I think it was the video games talking though. I waited for 45 long, boring minutes in the cold and then spent the next three hours in shopping maddness. But it was so worth it, we totally racked in some great stuff (and a thermometer/nyquil/dayquil). Included in my lute I brought home was my christmas present, the Cricut Expression. Behold:

It is a scrapbooker's dream.

When I returned KC took his temperature and it was at 100 degrees, so we took him to the clinic. The doctor tested him for the flu, but didn't think that he had it. He was as shocked as we were when it came back positive for H1N1. Poor guy just went downhill from there. He looked absolutely miserable all weekend. I am hoping I don't have that to look forward to this week.

The rest of the weekend I scrapbooked and watched my Black friday movies (17 Again, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Yes Man, etc), while KC snoozed and snoozed. It's a good thing too because when he was awake he looked like this:

Just kidding, it was much worse.

He is feeling much better today, and is almost done with the Tamiflu which will then mean he won't be contagious and can get back to school. We are two weeks away from his finals. And then back to Salt Lake City on December 16th.

Hope you all had a great holiday, no swine flu, but still great sales!


  1. That sucks that KC got the piggy flu! What a bummer! I'm very proud of you for going all out on the feast!
    I hope you can manage to not get sick. Can't believe we get to see you in 16 days! WaHoo!
    And you'll have to tell me about the "scrapbookers dream" thing since I'm completely clueless!

  2. Wow, that's the fanciest Cricut I've ever seen! And in bright red! I bet you love it.

    That sucks about KC. I hope he is feeling a lot better by now and I will cross my fingers that you don't get it either!

    Can't wait to see you guys!

  3. A bright red Cricut? Cool-li-o! Is it weird that I'd rather have things if they're cool colors? I'd rather have a crappier phone if it's lime green...than a cool one that's black. I dunno. Anyway, that's really cool.

    I hope KC gets better soon! That was for sure the sickest I've ever seen Patrick, and I found myself making sure he was breathing in the night. We never got it, so it is possible to avoid!

    Have a great couple of weeks! (Oh, and great job on the turkey, I still haven't been a big enough girl to brave that one on my own! You're my hero!)

  4. Soooo glad you got it. The red is beautiful!! I hope KC is feeling better and I doubly hope you don't get it. Can't wait to see you two. Have a Happy Holiday until then.