December 03, 2009

I've missed you

Hey family, do you remember this soup? Mom used to make it for us when we were sick. I thought of it the other day and thus bought some for us. It has been probably a decade and a half since I've had this. But it is so good, I love the parts of the soup where the powder didn't dissolve so it makes a clump. So good...

This made me think of some foods I had growing up that I don't think of having now, but may need to bring back:

Cream of Wheat
Shredded Ham and Cheese Bagels
Cheese Toast
Texas Fudge Cake
Veggie Croissant hors d'oeuvres
Hot Dogs and Pineapple in BBQ Sauce
Oranges with Powdered Sugar
Bean Dip

Maybe not the healthiest of choices, but definitely worth revisiting now and again. Can you think of anything else?


  1. I LOVE that soup and totally agree about the lumpy bits. YUMMY!!! I get it when I'm sick too. It was always that soup and sprite when we were sick kids. ha ha! It makes me want to run out and get some right now.

  2. Yeah, ummmm....I don't know about most of those things...but BONKERS? Now you're talkin' my language!

  3. The other day I wasn't feeling well. I joked with Randy that I KNEW I must be getting sick because that soup sounded good. I ONLY buy that soup when I am sick.

    I love that mom put sugar on our oranges. No wonder we all have serious sweet toothes.

    Great list. What about German Pancakes? Huevos? Oh, the other day I had a serious hankering for m&m meringue cookies. Do you remember those?

  4. Haha.... That made me Sooo sentimental... I had forgotten about most of those. But Bonkers are ALWAYS on the back of my mind.... I WILL have those again someday!!!!

  5. When I think of meals gone by, I think of:
    1 - German Pancakes
    2 - So many DINNERS using canned biscuits:
    That weird chicken, chicken soup plus canned biscuits on top.
    Hot dogs wrapper in canned biscuits.
    Pizza using canned biscuits.
    3 - Yes, Huevos, always Huevos.
    4 - Top Ramen and popcorn (Jonathan and Malia fixed this for dinner)
    5 - How about Chicken Littles?
    6 - Or boxed candies in your lunches?
    7 - Cooking egg in a frame on the top of those big #10 cans with the bottom cut out and inside was a can of tuna with coiled up cardboard dipped in wax.
    8 - Homemade ice cream.
    9 - Jell-o eggs (Cheri gave us the egg tray)
    10 - Eating out at Hardies...and remember Hilary in the jumping room filled with all of those colored balls and what happened next?

    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. We can't wait to see you soon, Vieve!


  6. Ok so i am eating oranges with powdered sugar as i type!!!! and mom just bought us that lipton soup and OOOOooooo..... I want some CREAM O' WHEAT!!! :]