January 02, 2010

Happy New Year's

This trip has been wonderful. KC and I have the best families. It is incredible that we have spent, what, 17 days straight with them and I still haven't had enough. I think this trip has made me want to move back. I recognize how much adventure and newness we get back East, and I need to soak it all up while I am out there. But really weekend trips and the perks of being away aren't even comparable to being able to live around the people you love. We have made some good friends in MA that I am excited to see again. I will never regret our decision to move out there. But somehow Utah will always be home.

This trip has also made me ponder the great relationships I have with my siblings. It is the best thing I got out of my parents divorce. I look at all my siblings and find such great qualities in each of them. Joff has been an awesome older brother, I have felt that our relationship keeps getting stronger and I really enjoy it. I strongly look up to his ability to devote himself to anything he wants to learn. Malia is a brilliant artist, though I wish she would use that talent more. I always think about her Salvador Dali painting that she did for her ex-husband. It was magnificent. Someday I want her to paint one similar for my house. Kristin has always been my role model, she is the sister that pushes me to be better, whether with running or finance or at a job. Half the good qualities I have, I learned from her. Hilary is my support system. I feel that I can share any feeling or thought with Hilary and she will still love me. She supported me through my parents divorce, my dating of KC, and now with many more things. Daniel is too funny, I love how sweet he is. He is going to make a great husband to some girl one day. His sensitivity is something I can relate to. I feel really protective of him. Daniel is great because he justs wants to have fun, and that is what you get when you are around him. And then Kelsy, such a great friend, my best friend. Kelsy is so funny, she totally keeps me feeling like a teenager. I love talking to her about the Jonas brothers and twilight. She is such a crack-up. And to think we didn't want mom to have a 7th kid. I sure would have missed out.

I didn't mean for this to get all deep, but those thoughts were just running through my head lately. What I really meant for this to be was a posting of my new year's resolutions. Yay, I may not get to them all, but at least trying to improve myself is a good thing.

My biggest resolution is to travel the East coast a lot. We are now over the hump and time is winding down. KC and I made a list the other day of the places we still need to hit.

Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
Nantucket (Maybe)
Martha's Vineyard
Albany, NY
Hurkimer, NY
Kennebunkport, ME
Old Orchard Beach, ME
Washington DC (Maybe)
Salem, MA
New Hampshire
The Cranberry Bogs
Cape Cod
Palmyra, NY (Maybe)
The Macey's Day Parade
Timesquare on NYE

Any other suggestions, please through them our way...I don't want to miss ANYTHING!

My next resolution is to finish our wedding album scrapbook and honeymoon scrapbook. That sounds easy, but we have thousands of pictures.

And lastly, learn Spanish.

Happy New Year to everyone and good luck to you on your New Year's Resolutions.


  1. Good luck with all your resolutions!! I hope you make every single one. And I'm glad you have such great siblings....they make life worth living!!

    It was so good to see you this trip, have a great trip back, and a great time checking off those sights. One day, you'll be so glad you took this adventure together!

    We love you guys. You really are outstanding people that I'm proud to be related to!!

  2. Gen, thanks so much ;) I have had SO much fun with you guys being in town....I am really depressed about you guys leaving, but I know that it won't be long till we see you again. You and KC are two of my favorite people in the whole world. I love staying up late with you guys, it's always a blast. You're such a great sister, and I'm grateful to have you to talk to.... Let's talk more when you leave and not let it go for weeks. Love you :)

  3. Thanks for making me weepy! But then again, it doesn't take much to make weepy these days. :)
    I'm so happy to hear that you want to move back now-I can't wait to have you guys back in our neck of the woods! It has been SO great seeing you both.
    We are already counting down to the summer! :)
    Love you guys!!!

  4. It's funny how each family member has taken a role. I would label the family having the same roles you mentioned. I would say you are the gung ho, go getter of the family. You are the most driven of the siblings. When you do something you do it bigger and better than anyone could imagine. We are all just playing catch up to you :)

    Thanks for visiting. Perhaps we will sneak out to the East coast before summer. Maybe we could go to DC in the Spring. It's the best time to go. Catcha on the flip side.