January 15, 2010

Because I'm Required To

I happen to love routine. It feels good to be back in the normal realm of my life. I enjoy waking up in the morning and heating up a piping hot cup of carnation breakfast drink. I love knowing that the minute I clock out of work I am going to sweat out my stress and get moving after sitting in a chair all day. Routine is good for me. Yet because of this I don't have much of anything to post, but I have to remind myself to put something out there or people might think I have died. I am so bad at proactively communicating with people.

So here are my, minor, but nonetheless, updates from KC and I:

KC started school on Wednesday. His grades have been trickling in and he is doing better this semester than his prior two semesters. I am so proud of him. Most people decline in school over the years, but not him. He is progressing and it is good to see him work hard for something and love learning.

My sister's dog Suzie-Q was put to sleep yesterday. I know, I am not a fan of dogs, but I did love the comfort Susie provided to my sister. And to hear here heart broken over just about did me in. I love her and feel so protective of her. I hate seeing her sad. I wish I weren't so far from her and then I could hug her and spend this sad time trying to make her feel better. Kels, I love you!

I finally have gotten KC to consistently work out with me for the past two weeks! We got these videos from our friend back in SLC. They are the Insanity videos. It is hard not to run all the time but I know that change and shocking your body are so important, so I have committed to try this for awhile. And plus KC won't run, but he will do this. And these are weak videos, there hasn't been a day in the past two weeks I HAVE NOT been sore, they are killer. And with the help of the videos I have lost the weight gained over christmas + a pound or so!

I finally got my haircut and dyed by someone in Springfield that new what they where doing. My friend Megan and I coordinated a time and by the end of 4 hours work, I walked out of her place feeling totally stylish. (Then was confirmed on the way home, when two boys in a car next to me tried to get my attention and then later that night at the grocery store a man in a wheel chair with one tooth totally into me and trying to spark up conversation, thank goodness KC came up to the register and saved me). No need for me to post a photo, it doesn't look different in photo, but I took the note out of Kylie's notebook and cut more bangs and pulled them from higher. I am styling more of a Zooey/Kylie haircut and loving it!

Our apartment is a pig-sty, mainly because I have been addicted to my ipod apps, the Andre Agassi book, mint.com (best finance site ever - thanks joff!), and television (yay - for the Bachelor). I need to get out of the laziness rut. The only thing I have accomplished is increasing my "tap farm" to 11,000 pts. OH and I have worked on our honeymoon album. I am still going to finish it this year. (After reading over this paragraph again, I have a pretty stellar life to be able to do leisure things - I don't ever want to give that up)

So with that over with, I hope you know that we are still alive and doing the same old boring things. (I can't wait for the spring when it will go enough weather to travel around again).


  1. Hey, I still want to see a picture of your hair! Glad all is well in your neck of the woods. ;)

  2. I want to see your hair too! And I think it's awesome that KC is working out with you!!