January 31, 2010

The Latest

Wow, it's the last day of January already! That is insane. 2010 is going to fly by.

We have had a great month. I have gotten alot of time in to scrapbook. My honeymoon album is nearly halfway done. I was really happy with the way the album cover turned out:

I am looking into getting on a design team again. It might not happen, but it is something I want to go for. So I am going to be posting more of my layouts and getting my hobby blog going full force. Design members have to have an active blog. I haven't shared this blog with you guys, but it is located at PLAID-POLKA-DOTS. Don't feel obligated to look at it, but if you are curious of where I am at with my projects that is where the updates will be.

KC found out which Moot Court team he is representing. The products liability team which starts next week! Most of the teams don't compete until their third year, but he will be participating as a 2L. He is pretty excited about it, and really nervous at the same time. He gets to compete in April (over my birthday, boo-hoo) in Cinncinati, OH. He said that if he gets to the last round he has to argue in front of 9 judges! I am so proud of him. Last years team won Nationals, and I am confident that him and the other team members will repeat. Which will look great on a resume!

I've been doing the Insanity videos for my workouts. (Lara I think you are crazy for sticking with it for so long) They are so hard. I have gotten to the point where I do them every other day with a different workout, like elliptical or running, on the off-days. I have yet to make it through a full video without having to take a break. However I lost a few pounds and I feel that I am getting stronger. So the change up is good. KC has moved away from the videos and onto basketball. But whatever makes him move, I am all for!

And with work, we are on the breakthrough of expanding my department. It should be exciting to see what unfolds and hopefully it will pay off in the long run. My work always keeps me busy and my mind working hard to stay up to par.

Lastly, I heard of some news this weekend of a family friend that committed suicide. I feel like I should share with everyone that reads this blog, that I love you. Suicide is so lonely. I hope none of you feel that loneliness. And if you do, please call me because I love you and care so much about you. No one should have to feel that pain. Everyone is so important. I hope you know that I appreciate all the talents and personalities of my family and friends. I don't mean to end this on a sad note. But you should always take the opportunity to share your love with those around you. And I don't want to pass this chance up. I love you all so much. And miss those of you I haven't seen for a while. Love, Vieve


  1. You should SO totally be on a design team!! (plus, don't you get lots of free product?) I've thought about that several times, but it takes more consistent work than I'm willing to give. That NYC page looks AWESOME!

    Insanity is a bugger. I only know a couple people that can get through whole videos. So don't even stress one second about that. (1/2 the people on the video don't even make it!!)

    Sorry about your friend. I really have never been able to understand that decision. I'm sure that I haven't been to that point, but it sure is sad to think that someone felt that was their only option. So sorry!

    Tell KC congrats! Our friend that's a lawyer said Moot Court was his absolute favorite thing about law school.

  2. Wow. Busy, busy. Good for you and Kase!

    When I heard about Candice I just sat and starred for about an hour. I felt so empty. It's awful knowing someone felt so bad and didn't feel anyone cared enough to listen. Such a horrible, horrible thought/decision. We all need to be better at expressing our love for others. Thanks for taking the initiative. I love you too Vieve!

  3. I think you being on a design team sounds fabulous...I'm not exactly sure what that is, but I'm guessing it has to do with designing layouts, etc. for the not so creative, like me! Am I correct? Anyway, keep it up-you are inspiring!

    I am so jealous that everyone I know is working out and getting strong and healthy and I'm just getting fat and preggers! :) I haven't gained a lb. yet but my tummy is huge! ugh! Oh well, it's a good excuse right? I can't wait till the fall when the baby is out and I can hit the gym hard again-I miss it SO much. I am going but I have to hold back and it's really hard. Oh well! :)

    About your friend....I KNOW how much that sucks and how empty it leaves you feeling. My favorite uncle committed suicide when I was in high school. It was SO hard and I could not wrap my brain around it-still can't. I'm really sorry that you have to deal with that. It's not easy for sure.

    It sounds like you and KC are busy little bees with so much going on-that's great! I love to hear about all your adventures!

    And...since you got sappy at the end of your post, I'll get sappy too! I love you tons and think you are one amazing person! I can't wait till the day that you guys move back-please move back! :)