February 16, 2010

Nuts About Sketches

I have been spending most of my leisure time sending in application after application for various design team try-outs. The first notification was last week, in which I found out that I hadn't made the cut for the first team I applied for, however, I was close. So close, that they offered me the position as a guest designer one month this year. I was bummed, but excited to know that I wasn't completely out of the running. And I still had applications in, who knows maybe I would make one of those teams. I had to remind myself of how many time I have seen my friends and family pursue similar goals, and get rejected more than accepted. I decided to be excited about the guest design team and just push forward.

This weekend I stepped it up, spending more time on my portfolio and really getting some good work together. I submitted another 5 applications. The news of the next team announcement was to be today. So I was utterly surprised to find an email on Monday morning to accept the position on a different sketch team, than I had mentioned before. I immediately responded YES! So now that the announcement is posted on the blog I can share my excitement here.

Each week I am given a sketch to make a layout off of. For those of you non-scrappers, a sketch would look like this:

I then turn in my layout and it is posted for readers to use as inspiration. This team should be really fun and get me to turn around a lot of pages, so that maybe I can get caught up. That is a BIG maybe.

The payoff at this point is only recognition. My blog link will be posted and hopefully it will bring more attention to my work. I will also be able to put this on my resume for other teams I try out for.

If you want to check out the announcement go here

...and the good news is that I still have other applications in. I'll keep you posted on the others :)


  1. Very cool. Congrats Vieve!

  2. That is SO cool! Good job!

  3. Gen! That is so fun, I'm so proud of you for trying out! Just keep sending them in :) I am so excited about this, what an awesome thing!

  4. If I could scrapbook about how happy we are, I would. Seriously, Vieve, that is so awesome! I love that you have pursued your passion through all of the barriors to now finding yourself able to contribut your art to the scrapbooking world and beyond. Keep up the great work and NEVER quit reaching for greater scrapbooking heights!

  5. Dang girl-that is really exciting! What a fun way to keep up your skills and improve. I'm proud of you-that rocks!
    Way to cheer me up after a so far fairly sucky day! :)