February 21, 2010

Please, not more of this....

I have a headache. I don't get headaches all that often. I really don't get sick much either. But I am exhausted. It's a happy exhausted. I don't know if you have ever felt that way. It is the type of exhausted you get after walking all day at a theme park or staying up all night with friends. I am tired from 3 straight days of scrapbooking. I am sorry you have to hear about this again. But it has all I have done in my waking and sleeping moments for the past little while. So I don't know what else to write about. I mean you write about what is going on in your life right now? Right?

Well, my life is scrapbooking right now. And KC's life is Moot Court. That's it. Nothing you probably care to hear about. So feel free to skip on over to the more exciting blog post of another friend of your...I won't feel bad. Do it.

If you are my friend on facebook you know by now that I made another design team position. This time for In a Scrap Creations. The announcement is here. I am very excited about this one. I will be required to do alot of work, but I get recognition and better yet...FREE PRODUCT! Not that I need it...but I don't mind it :) My first project had to be turned in by Friday. It was two submissions for the e-zine over at IASC. Yep, I never thought I would say this, probably because I thought my mom was completely nuts for writing when I was kid, but I am getting published. Weird.

I actually talked to my mom this week about this. My mom is an author. I remember sitting in front of the tv, hearing my mom typing away. She would type any chance she got. We had stacks and stack of her writing that she would stick in her purse and bring with us anywhere. We would sit in the doctor's office and she would have a red pen, jotting down edits. I thought she was nuts. Who would do all that work? How can you really like something that much? And now I know. I don't completely know. My mom has achieved A LOT. I am just starting out. But I can appreciate the hard work that goes into taking your hobby or talent to the next level. It's hard work. The interesting thing is that everyone in my family doesn't like to settle. Joff and Kylie had their band, even recorded and toured. Malia has performed at WiseGuys and poetry slams. Kristin has pretty much taken over the company and is always outshining in athletics, making the basketball team and now working towards her first half-marathon. Hilary is an insane baker, you should see her latest cake. Dano is only in college and he has already achieved a lot. I hear he was awesome on the Rugby team at Snow. And don't forget Kelsy...she is so dang creative. Did you know that she once taught a scrapbooking class for junior high students. She made plenty of moolah. I can't imagine what next she is going think of.

With so many talented siblings, I always felt so behind. I think that is why this feels like such a big deal. So you might have to hear about it for a while, but I've waited for so long to be like my siblings. So let me enjoy this...just for a little while.


  1. Vieve, I am sooooo PROUD of you! I love hearing about this because I know you are amazing at scrapbooking. You have such gorgeous layouts and you are so creative! I know you will be great at this. Good luck!

  2. One of the things I like most about our family is that we are all genuinely happy over one anothers accomplishments. It makes me so proud to see your name and picture on all these design teams. That's my sister! Brag away. You deserve the recognition for all your hard work.

  3. Yay! Gen this is sooo exciting. Where do i see the e-zine thing? I think once you send things in you need to post them on your blog, cause i want to see what you are doing!

    Congrats! I'm jealous!

  4. I agree with Hillary-I want to see it!!! Congrats again-I'm really happy for you!

  5. Yes,yes, yes, please post your accomplishments, so we can all enjoy them. I remember, when you were all young, that one day I became afraid that "the arts" would become a "lost art"! I cannot tell you ALL how proud I am that you each discovered your talents, and then upon discovering them, put forth the necessary effort to excel and succeed! What is it? One percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent persperation? At this rate, we'll keep the deoderant companies in business forever! Love you ~ Mom

  6. Please post as much as you possibly can. I LOVE seeing it....and I'll admit that if I want to....I'll rip it off! Plus, the more you post your stuff...the more I'm inspired to post my own. You do come from a really talented family. So completely fun!

    Sorry about the headache thing...but sometimes it's worth it when you're on a roll!

    You rule!