March 16, 2010

Coming Soon...

We are so boring... I almost started the post, no real news here. But then realized I think I have started the last 10 posts that way. How lame is that? So maybe I will give you some news about exciting stuff that will be coming up...since nothing from the past week has been cool enough to post (well, I having been with KC for 7 years is of March 13th, but you don't want to hear about how much I love him and have loved having him in my life for so long).

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow! Which means I am going to set budge a bit on my THF meal plans and fit in some corned beef and cabbage. We are getting together with the Tripp's on Saturday for our St. Patty's dinner. Saturday can't come fast enough!

Friday kicks off the IASC online crop, it will be my first time hosting a crop of any sort (online or in person). I am very excited...and I know it's geeky. So please only make fun of me behind my back :)

Glee comes back on soon! Enough said!

With April comes a lot of birthdays, but also two traveling plans for me. I am not calling them vacations, they aren't. But I still love to travel so it's exciting. From the 8-11th I will be in Cincinnati, OH to see KC compete in the Moot Court National Competition. Not to put any pressure on him...(voice lowers to a whisper)...but I think he is going to win. If his work says anything, he will. No pressure, I am proud no matter what!

And then from April 21st-24th I will be in good 'ole San Francisco! I haven't been to SF since I was like 10. Despite that it is a work trip, I am still planning on getting in some site seeing and hopefully some awesome photo ops.


  1. I am SO jealous of all your upcoming travels...even if it isn't "vacation". You still get to see more of the country and that is exciting! Have fun and take lots of pix! I'm begging Josh to stuff me in his suitcase for the work trip so you may see me there. :)

  2. Awesome! You will love San Francisco. It's such a fun place! Good luck to KC in Cincinnati too. We miss you!