March 02, 2010

yes, there is more to life...

 than scrapbooking. I have 15 minutes left in lunch to jot down a few of our latest updated, not involved in scrapbooking news (you can read on now):

-KC is busy working on his moot court brief. Looks like he got the brief that has to be argued for every instance they go to the court in nationals. He is going to do great though. He always does, and right now I never see him because he is at the library or in meetings with the other 2 team members.

-I am starting the Total Health and Fitness program today. I am really excited to have started, it is something I have wanted to do for years (and now work is paying for it - only if I reach my goals, but I will). Already I am getting more educated about nutrition and exercise. It doesn't seem as challenging as I thought...ask me again on Friday night and I might tell you a different story. Remember I am on day one. But I am working toward a leaner more fit body, we are working to build my running muscles. Because 2011 is the year of the hear that krick...(I hear the half training is going awesome, so I figure you will be ready for the race next year. Let's go somewhere awesome for it!)

-Our house is a pigsty.. (there you go Lara, KC and I are by far from perfect...especially is housework). I told KC I would do the dishes during lunch...and here I am typing on my blog. I guess I should take that 15 down to 10 and spend 5 minutes doing those dishes.

-Have you seen TOSH.O on the comedy channel? If not, it is hilarious. I look forward to it everyweek right now.

-It is gloomy here. Cloudy. And boring. Can't spring come already so that we can start taking weekend trips?

-I had a webcam chat with my nephews on Saturday night. It made my week. They are so awesome. I miss you guys. D-Dopter!!!

Well, I've got to get to those dishes. Catch you on the flip side (don't ask why I just wrote that, I never talk that way...blah de blah).



  1. Let me get through the half and then we can talk. PS mom and I went and got fitted for running shoes last night. Have you done this before? Gen, it makes a world of difference. And surprisingly the shoes weren't as pricey as I thought they were going to be ($100). Seriously, you need to get fitted. By the time you come out here, I will need to get a new pair, so I'll take you. You will thank me later.

    Ah, d-dopter. I hear that one word more than any other...but mommy is a close second.

  2. okay you are right there is more to life than scrapbooking. Good for you on getting on the healthy lifestyle track..I so need to find my way int hat area!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. It made my day after getting my butt kicked at work. And yes, there is a whole world of life outside of scrapbooking. I try to fit it in a couple hours here and there. Good luck on the marathon, you can do it sister!!!

  4. Are you liking the Total Health and Fitness program? I'm so excited that JOsh is doing it! You guys are lucky! Way to go on shooting for a marathon! I'd join you but I will SO not be ready..but I'd like to do at least a half someday...someday.