August 14, 2010

Moment with THE Mailman

If you ask me now, I'll tell you that I am not a basketball fan. But I used to be. One of the highlights of being a kid was going to the Jazz game with my aunt Vicki who got us tickets on the 17th row. I thought I was a celebrity being that close to the players. Our typical seats were 2 rows from the back of the nosebleeds section. You can only imagine what a treat it was for me. Seeing Stockton and Malone shooting down the court, so easily passing the ball between other players, I watched in amazement, not knowing that 14 years later I would experience this next moment.

Last year after standing across the street as Michael Jordan walked into the Springfield Symphony Hall, KC and I promised ourselves that we wouldn't miss out the following year. We purchased tickets, and then the class of 2010 inductees were announced. So I knew at that point Malone would be in attendance, being inducted this year for both as an individual player and a member of "the dream team". But I didn't know that I would get this close.

I have always teased other's about the "moments" they have had with celebrities. Like when Josh had a moment with Liv Tyler. Malia with "The Situation". or KC with Jodi Sweetin. The closest I had been to a celebrity was seeing Spock in a grocery store in Lake Tahoe. Yippee!

But this was my moment...

It was kinda surreal. I always thought I could keep my cool if I talked to a star. HA!

I stuck out my hand, and he grabbed my grip with both hands and starred at me directly in the face. Zoned out of everyone around and waited for me to say something. Gulp.  I started talking, thinking during all of which that my voice sounded very small and that I was completely geeking out:

"We're from Utah, we're big fans"

And then he replied "Thank you, thank you very much" patted my hand and moved on. It lasted probably 20 seconds but felt like 5 minutes.

I haven't ever had a crush on the mailman, but I considered myself a fan. So it was a fun moment for me.  Oh ya, and did I mention he smelled good!

Malone right after shaking my hand.

Now onto the rest of the evening. I promised pics. We couldn't take our nice camera, so all we had was an iphone. They aren't the best pics, but they'll do (I just posted a few of the favs, since there are a lot). Hope you enjoy:

Dennis Rodman getting interviewed (middle of the pic, look for the gold cowboy hat, 
and yes that is a chanel scarf hanging from his pants.)

Kareem Abdul Jabbar waving. Inducted as part of the '92 USA olympic team. (middle of pic)

Scottie Pipen holding his gorgeous baby girl, look at her hair, it is so cute! Pippen was inducted both as 
a player and as a member of the '92 USA Olympic Team

David Robinson (lower center of pic, wearing a red tie). He was inducted as a member of the '92 US Olympic team.

John Stockton with is wife (lower middle pic). He was inducted as part of the '92 USA Olympic Team.

Patrick Ewing walking up the stairs (middle of pic, below the white pillar/statue thing). He was inducted
as part of the '92 USA Olympic Team.

Magic Johnson getting interviewed (directly under the letters "Pet" of Peter Pan. He was inducted as 
part of the '92 USA Men's Olympic Team.

Clyde Drexler (lower middle of pic, wearing a red bowtie). He was inducted as part of the 
'92 USA Olympic Team.

Scottie Pippen giving his speech, with Michael Jordan standing behind him. Michael welcomed him into the hall.

The 1960 USA Men's Olympic Team...they were so old and cute! Some of them were very short.

Karl Malone giving his speech. And yes, he cried.

Magic Johnson giving a speech for the '92 USA Men's Olympic Team, which were all there. The team included: Larry Bird (who also spoke), John Stockton, Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, Clyde Drexler, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Chris Mullen, and Christian Laettner.

And in case you were wondering, here is the full list of 2010 Hall of Fame Inductees:

Cynthia Cooper
Jerry Buss
Bob Hurley, Sr.
Dennis Johnson
Gus Johnson
Karl Malone
Maciel "Ubiritan" Pereira
Scottie Pipen
The 1960 USA Men's Olympic Team
The 1992 USA Men's Olympic Team (aka - the Dream Team)


  1. SWEET!!!! You REALLY did have a moment with him-how cool! I'm glad you took so many was fun to see them all. What a fun night-I'm jealous of ALL the adventures you're having.

  2. So freakin cool!! I think I was so pre-occupied with our projects...I missed this one. I freakin' LOVE Karl Malone. And I always thought I could be cool around him too. Boo! I was an idiot! I would have loved to have gone this year. I was a HUGE NBA fan during the years of the "Dream Team". Those were some of my very favorites. David Robinson is amazing. If he's not an upstanding individual...I don't wanna know. And I kinda love Clyde. Such a great experience! I'm probably green with envy.

    (and Karl DOES smell divine. And his cowboy boots are huge. I'm not saying that means anything specific...but...yes....maybe I am.)