August 21, 2010

Summer 2010 Recap

So just quickly jotting a few things down. More for my sake really than yours. But I really haven't noted much of the day to day stuff we have done this summer. So I just wanted to recap. KC heads back to school on Monday (his last year...can I get a whoop, whoop!). So summer is officially over here (boo-hoo!).

  • I think this will be termed "the summer of work". We worked hard. I think the number one thing we did this summer was work. Work on new projects. Work overtime hours. Lots of overtime hours. We worked ourselves to near insanity at one point. KC worked at an internship in Hartford for an intellectual property firm. He really loved it. He learned a TON. And he was even asked to stay on! I think he is that much more prepared to take on the role of lawyer. I really am impressed with all that he did this summer. He put his whole heart into it and I think it paid off. Me, well, I worked...that's not news to anyone. But I did seem to work harder, if you can imagine that I can fit anymore time in to do that. Aren't I already working 24 hours a day? Kinda feels like it. But this summer, I had a huge project that I was in charge of seeing through to launch of the software program, and right as we had planned for manual compilation to start, our technical writer left the company. So I was the only one who knew enough about how to use the software. Thus I ended up writing the materials, and was told that it had to be done after work and on weekends. Bummer. But the software is now launch, and so far so good! So hopefully it will secure my job further and help the company grow.
  • This summer was also interesting because we only went on one small weekend vacation. Not too exciting. So we felt kind of deprived. Work was locking us to our location. And thus we decided to treat ourselves in other ways. KC gave me a sewing machine for our anniversary and I have taken over our kitchen table with my sewing projects. Yes multiple projects. It had been too long since I had sewn. I really do enjoy it. I also spent many evenings and weekends scrapbooking, as my design team projects kept me pretty busy. But they are unfortunately coming to an end of my designated term. Hopefully something new will open up. Also, we had Netflix going pretty much all summer. We made it through full seasons of Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars, Alex McBeal, etc. It's fun catching shows that you let slip under your radar the first time around. KC also got a really cool wide angle camera for his stop motion videos. I am patiently waiting for a film to be finished so that we can post one for you. He always has the best idea. I love that we both have hobbies. And that we appreciate each other and support one another in those hobbies. 
  • KC made it out to Utah for a week. He spent time with his family and mine. He even got to see both of his best friends new babies. And his mom's dog, grown up (which I hear is insanely hyper..gulp). He came back with a newly renewed desire to move back to SLC. 
  • I started half-marathon training after getting the software launch was finished and I was able to have some time again for a decent workout. But the lack of workouts this summer didn't prepare me for getting back into serious training. So after a couple weeks in, I started to feel shin splints on a daily basis and decided not to injure myself and instead just get back into a normal routine of working out and running up to that pace again. So we'll try again next year. Better safe than sorry right?
  • Like I had mentioned we did make it out one weekend (well two if you count Memorial Day). I have posts about both if you want to check back to those. They are here and here. And we did get to go to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Which is noted here. So I definitely wouldn't say that our event weren't great. They were. They were fantastic. Just short is all. Wish we could have had time to fit more of those great memories in. 
And I think that is all I can recall at this moment. Overall it wasn't the best or most exciting summer. But I am really proud of the both of us for surviving it. It was a challenge, but we made the best of it and still found ways to make the summer enjoyable and new. But we are both very much looking forward to the fall.


  1. Sounds like you have been a very busy couple. I can't believe that KC only has a year left. I hope you doing card club long distance with us.

  2. I think you all need to CHILL with the work ethic. You're makin' the rest of us look bad!

    I'm so glad you got a sewing machine. Sewing is SO much fun. I've got a BUNCH of things in the sewing "to do" list. I just need to get to it.

    It was great to see KC. Patrick misses his brother. Mostly he needs a joke buddy.

    Hope things will slow down a little, work wise, so you can do more hobbies. I'm convinced lots of hobbies are the key to happiness! Best of luck on the last year!