September 18, 2010

Back to the Future

Sometimes I feel like Marty McFly. When I got to Salt Lake, Hilary asked me if it felt weird being back. I told her that it seriously felt like I had never been in Massachusetts. I feel like I had flown back into the past. Yet it was the future. It is weird. Now that I am back in Springfield. It kinda feels like I am living in this alternate universe. I feel like everyone is paused in Utah and that I am just living this life during that pause. Sometimes I kinda wish it really were that way so I wouldn't miss anything.

But either way, life is just good. I am really happy with the state of my life right now. I feel overall happy. I  think that KC and I are totally in love. That my relationship with my family is in a great place. I think that my job is manageable at the time being. And that I am getting enough time to enjoy hobbies and time for entertainment. What more could I ask for?

So I thought for those of you who didn't see me in Utah. I would quickly explain why I was there, and why you didn't see me (if you live in Utah). My brother, Daniel, left on a 2 year mission on September 8th. So I flew in to spend some time with my family and to see him off. I didn't spend time with friends, even though I would have loved to. I spent 2 days at work and the rest of the time being shuffled around by family. It was great though. I had some great conversations and also had a lot of fun. It was a very successful trip. And I will be back in October for an executive retreat. Then again in December for Christmas. So I should get lots of Utah time this fall.

So for anyone that hasn't checked out my Shutterfly site. Here are a few pics from my trip:

Family + Grandparents

Siblings: Don't let him go!

Elder Dano + Nephews

Elder Dano + Vieve

Hugging Cousins
Scratch + Mags

Basil: "The dough is rest-i-ng"


Crystal this one's for you: Moose siting


Thank you family for such a great time!

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  1. Im from Utah as well. My brother is serving in Seattle WA right now. He has only been out 8 mo. We miss him so much, but he is loving the work.