November 07, 2010


I hate daylight savings. Well, except for the part where you get an extra hour of weekend during the fall time change. But really?! 5 o'clock rolled around and the sun set. Really?! Really?!

Really?! My best "New England" friend moved 45 minutes away. Really? They got a super cute house near her job. And it was much needed with a baby on the way. But, really?! Who's going to be my friend now? Really?! (just teasing' ya Corissa, I am super happy for you...just going to miss random trips to dinner and the park. Good thing for scrap booking Sunday, though.)

Really?! My cold lasted an entire month. But I am finally finished with it. I can hear out of my right ear again. No more inhaler and cough syrup! But do I have new symptom coming in, leaky faucet nose. Go away! Really?!

Really?! I was putting my favorite jeans on this week and the zipper busted. Really?! Is that the way of my wardrobe telling me they are tired of me not working out. Really?! I was sick. Really?! Well, i worked out six times last week, so wardrobe I'm telling you, no more, I can't afford to lose anymore of you. Really!

Really?! Daniel is flying to El Salvador tomorrow! Really?! Gulp! Really?! Good luck bro! I am sending this message out to the universe, hope you get it. Love ya! Really!

Really?! My absolute favorite, visit everyday, love of my life website has asked me to be the November guest designer for November. Really?! Really?! Pee my pants, scream, rip my hair out, pinch me...there is no way this is reality. Really?! Yep, really!

Really?! The Utes game on Saturday against TCU. Really?! Really?! The Utes dropped from 5 to like 15. Really?!

Really?! That's all folks. Really!


  1. That was a really great post, and I really love you!! Deb

  2. Ha! Great post! I am super excited that you were invited to be a guest designer! You go girl. It is official-I am the least talented girl in the Garner family! Oh well!
    Can't wait to see you next month! :)