December 15, 2010

The Magic Kingdom

A couple months back, Krick told me that her work sending her to Walt Disney World. We were sitting around the table at a Scone Cutter and she breezed past the idea that it would be helpful to them if someone came along with them so that they could go on some rides while that person watches Scratch (my nephew). I don't think at the time either of thought that I would really take the time off of work (since I HATE requesting time off). But last Wednesday, after working a half-day, I flew to Florida to meet them for what was going to be a fun time!

None of us had been to WDW and didn't know really what to expect. So we started with the Magic Kingdom on Thursday since we were familiar with Disneyland and heard they were pretty much the same.

Now, the weather was supposed to be 70-74 degrees, but it only hit that for about 30 minutes of each day. We were freezing! And since all of us expected warm weather, we only brought one hoodie each. So if you see us in the same outfit for four days worth of photos, you'll know why!

Me, Scratch, & Krick at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.
The Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree.
Krick did an awesome job picking the dates of the trip. The longest line we saw was 80 mins, but between fast passes and the parent/child swap program, we never waited more that 20 minutes in a line. In addition to fewer crowds, the place was all dressed up for Christmas. It was lovely.

Krick and I immediately hopped on Space Mountain, while Randy & Scratch took to the lanes in the utopia ride. I love this picture of Scratch with his driver's license:

Scratch with his driver's license.
Because he loved driving so much, we all hopped back in the line and rode it again. And then one more time the next day!

We then rode on Dumbo, the carousel, It's a Small World (which terrified Scratch), the teacups, Peter Pan and then grabbed some lunch. I learned alot about how awesome my sister is on this trip. Not that I didn't know already, but she should get the Mom of the Year award. She works 30 hours a week at a stressful job (which I know, because I used to work with her there, and watching all the crap she had to deal with was stressful alone), she is a wonderful mom to Scratch, and an caring sister. One thing about Scratch is that he has allergies to just about everything. So every time they eat, it is difficult. But I thought it was awesome, that she cared that he had something he liked, and was stuck eating the same thing all week. I believe that most parents would have been like we found one place, let's just grab them food from there for 4 days, while we grab something else. Instead, we ended up eating most of the meals away from the park or at the hotel. I learned just a glimpse of what it would be like to have a kid with allergies and I am amazed at how they have worked it out. And the biggest thing, is that Krick never complains or whines. She works so hard, and continues to have a fun and positive attitude. I really admire her!

Okay, that was my soapbox.

We sat down to watch the parade, which was something I had never done in all the times I went to Disneyland. It was fun. 

Mickey Mouse!

Cinderella & Prince Charming
We strategically sat next to Thunder Mountain so that we could hop right on afterwards. Krick & I went, then Randy & I. Which take note, Randy did put his arms up on the ride! It's a Magical Kingdom miracle!

Then it gets kind of fuzzy in my brain, but I believe we went on Pirates of the Carribean at this point. In which Scratch fell asleep in line, and then slept through the whole ride. After that, it was the people mover's, which we rode twice so that Scratch could finish his nap. And it was nice to relax our feet.

We then met Buzz, who is Scratch's favorite character:

Scratch meeting Buzz.
Buzz, Scratch, and Randy
Fist bump!
But the coolest part of the Magical Kingdom was the castle! I assume because it was winter that it was decorated specially with the lights. But it was so glamorous! I loved it!
Castle in the daytime.

Castle lit up.
Further away.
Me, leaving the park.


  1. That looked like such a fun trip! I'm jealous you had semi-warm weather at least. We were stuck with the 20's and 30's on our trip! :)

  2. FUN! I love the pictures of the castle...sooo cool! I'm glad you had such a fun trip and I'm of course jealous! Someday I'll get to visit the happiest place on earth! :)
    See you soon!