December 16, 2010

Animal Kingdom/Epcot = Day 2

Luckily, the second day felt a bit warmer. We headed out early to the Animal Kingdom. Which was pretty much a disappointment to us all. We aren't zoo go-ers. And not really animal people. This was just a big zoo. Lame! But glad to have been there, done that. The safari was worth it. The baby gorilla was worth it. But let's get to the pictures.

Randy & Krick on the tram.
Scratch & I on the tram.

Animal Kingdom christmas tree.
I found out quickly that Scratch likes binoculars. He even tried to
look into a recycling bin that had two holes. I may have treated him
to some buzz lightyear binoculars. And he just may have loved them.

The aforementioned baby gorilla. So freakin' cute.
(See I am not completely heartless)
Giraffe on the safari ride.
Elephant on the safari ride.
Rhino on the safari ride.
So after approximately 2 hours at the Animal Kingdom, we got out of there and headed over to Epcot. Some travelers at the Magic Kingdom told us that it was pretty lame. So after going to the Animal Kingdom our expectations of Epcot were low. Probably a good idea, because we actually loved it!

Me at the Epcot entrance.
Scratch at Epcot. Love this picture!
The Epcot globe.
Scratch loves Nemo. After the Nemo ride.
Superwoman in the England area. Did you know that Krick's name and
Superwoman's are the same? How crazy is that?!
Paris. Joff & Kylie were in Paris while we were here. They
went to Disneyland Paris, we were covering our Disney bases.
I thought the mini Eiffel Tower was cool.
Epcot Asia. We watched some awesome acrobatics here. Can't even
explain this. Just believe me it was nuts!
Scratch in the Bumblebee corvette.

The last picture was after the Test Drive rollercoaster, which was so freakin' awesome! We went 60 miles per hour in a loop around a building, along with other test drive bumps, hills, etc. It was fun!

One thing that was smart about day 2. We took naps. So needed. We were all much cheerier for the second half of the day.


  1. Cool pictures! I like the mini Eiffel Tower too. :)

  2. SOO cute! I love those pictures of Scratch, but he looks so old! I loved epcot, so much fun. And the food was delish!!

  3. Fun! I love the "Paris" pix. and of course I"m jealous of your zoo trip, I love that kind of stuff. Gabby thought the baby Gorilla was SOOoo cute!

  4. Ok, I need you to email me all your tips for visiting Florida's Magic Kingdom. For Christmas this year we're giving our 9 year old a trip to Florida with Disney World and Islands of Adventure included. We were planning IofA, DW, EC, and MGM but I completely forgot the AK even existed...sounds like you don't highly recommend it, but maybe my son would like it, I don't know. At any rate, I was reading the ticket prices and was trying to decide if we want park hoppers or just single passes to one park a day. Do you think we can do more than one park in a day? I mean my son's been to DL but never to DW. Anyway, I seriously want tips and your advice! Email me! THANKS!

  5. PS--We're not actually going to FL til May but we're just trying to plan the trip now.