January 09, 2011


I was so into Boy Bands in my teens. Really. I was SO into boy bands. My first concert was *Nsync. I got the tickets for my sixteenth birthday. It was on the floor. And I totally lost my voice. I mention this because I was de-cluttering some of our files and in the midst of all the boxes, I found my old CD case that used to go with me everywhere. And looking through it, I noticed a pattern...if the CD wasn't *Nsync, Backstreet Boys, LFO, OTown or 98 Degrees, it was probably Ricky Martin. (Okay, so Spice Girls, Britney, and B*Witched did make it in there..but they go easily unnoticed amongst the Boys).

I am importing them into iTunes now. Yippee! (Poor Kase)

Before the work week starts up again, I made a good effort to clean up my desk. I hate working in mess. I can't think in mess.  January always makes me want to de-clutter and clean. It must be the idea of a new year equals a clean slate.

Here is my to-do list for this week:

-File away 2010 documents.
-Backup my computer to  external hard-drive.
-Create a second backup online or to DVD.
-Document all expensive items and serial numbers and store in a safety deposit box. (My dad's house was robbed last month and I have been meaning to do this for insurance purposes. In fact that is why I am doing the prior 2 items as well.)
-Find storage for my sewing supplies and fabric.
-Send out Operation Write Home Cards.
-Clean up work binder.
-Print out a training schedule for half-marathon.
-Look into half-marathons(CT/MA/NH/VT/NY) and marathons(UT).
-Finish blogging about Walt Disney World.
-Clean the bathroom.

Fortunately our house is pretty clean. I just need to do the routine bathroom and vacuum. But we don't have laundry this week or any big messes (minus my desk still needs a bit more help). So all in all, we are off to a good start. How about you?

Side Note: If you haven't been over to my craft blog in a while, this post was a toss up to throw on there or here. The craft blog got it. If you are curious as to what us Garner's are going to face this year. Check out the post.

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