January 13, 2011

Just the "Half" of it

This year...is THE year. Yup. I will do it. I can do it. Let it be known that I will run a marathon this year. [Teeth chatter...]

I've talked a LOT about running on this blog. Here's the run-down:

July 2002: Weighed in at 150lbs when I graduated high school. Didn't have a job. No plans to go to school. Lived at home. I know depressing right? Not to mention my parents were in the middle of a horrid divorce. So I started driving to the gym because I had nothing else, and I HAD to get out of the house. Goal: Just get to the gym. If I didn't feel like working out when I got there. Fine. I would drive home. But more often than not, just getting there was the hardest part. Once I was there I would typically go in an workout.

Sometime inbetween....saw a flyer at the Gym for the Turkey Day run hosted at my gym. Talked my mom into training for it with me.

Thanksgiving 2002: Ran my first 5k. I believe my time was 32 mins + some seconds. I placed 3rd in my division. Not a big feat since there were probably only 5 of us.

April 2003: Ran my second 5k. Ran it in just about or under 30 min. Placed 3rd again.

July 24th, 2003: Ran my third 5k. Ran it in 30 min.

Thanksgiving 2003: Ran my fourth 5k. Ran it in 30 min. Placed 3rd again.

April 2004: Ran my fifth 5k. Ran it in 30 min.

July 24th, 2004: Ran my sixth 5k. Ran it in 28 min.

Thanksgiving 2004: Ran my seventh 5k. Ran it in 26 minutes. Place 2nd, finally.

July 24th 2005: Ran my first 10k. Ran it in 59 mins (and you bet that minute counts. It was 59. Not one hour).

Thanksgiving 2005: Ran my eighth 5k. Ran it in 27 minutes.

Thanksgiving 2006: Ran my ninth 5k. Ran it in 28 minutes.

May 2007: Ran my tenth 5k. And probably the most memorable 5k. We ran for my aunt that had breast cancer. She has since passed. Love you Big Vic.

Thanksgiving 2007: Ran my eleventh 5k. Ran it in 28 minutes.

May 2008: Ran my twelfth 5k. Ran it in 28 minutes.

April 2009: Ran my thirteenth 5k. Ran it in 28 minutes.

October 2009: Ran my first half-marathon. Ran it in 2 hours 5 mins.

In 2010, I didn't run a single race. I did an intense personal training program, which got me into the BEST shape of my life. And then completely fell off the wagon (which I blame 100% on overworking). I am embarrassed. But I don't believe that was a representation of me. So I am taking it back this year.

This year....it starts with a half-marathon on April 3rd. And will end with Krick and I running a marathon in the fall. (And then hopefully getting back to the Turkey Day runs. My favorite part of thanksgiving. Cross-your fingers that it all works out for us.)

Half-marathon training started this week. I can tell I haven't run in a while. But it feels good! And I've already knocked off a few of the 2010 el bees(lbs).

On another note...

KC started his LAST first day of a school semester today [after school being cancelled because of snow yesterday]! Hooray! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! It's a bitter sweet one. But it is there. So keep him in your thoughts. This will be his most challenging times. Bar prep classes. Part-time interning. And all evening classes.

We also experience our first REAL Nor'easter. We got over a foot of snow yesterday. It is fr-ee-ee-eee-zing! But don't believe the hype on the news. These snow storms aren't like some I've seen in Utah. People out here are just babies. Okay, so the snow may ice over immediately. And the snow may not go away until April because nothing can melt here right now. But the snowstorm itself wasn't a big deal.

Okay. That is all my updates for now. Guess I shouldn't let things go so long before I post again. Otherwise, I might write an entire novel next time....

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