January 15, 2011

10 Things this Week

10 Things that made me happy this week....

1. New Episode of the Bachelor
Total guilty pleasure..shh!
2. Picking back up where I left off in the
last season of Buffy. (2 ep. left)
(Second guilty pleasure...)
3. KC started his last semester of law school.
4. Chatting with a designer I am a fan of.
(Geeky, I know...but he read one of my blog posts and loved it!
Totally made my week)
5. Reading 2 recommended books...
... that are turning out good.
This book: Suggested by a coworker (Greg)
This book: Suggested by Krick
6. Drawing again.
Even though this was an attempt to draw in PSE on my iPad & that didn't work out so well.
It's time to get my drawing pad & pencils out again.

7. This video. (Warning: Some nudity).
8. Easy A
9. The Green Hornet
10. My New Running Shoes.


  1. CUTE new running shoes! I'm so excited for you and your goal to run a marathon!

  2. oh PS...one of my good friends LOVES the book Born to Run and swears everyone should read it. Glad to see you're reading it. I hear it is very motivating! (maybe I need to read it)