February 27, 2011

Here I go again...

...it's Sunday and I am SUPPOSED to be all happy and what not. So if I MUST.

1. I still have a job.
2. An amazing husband who came and sat at the gym to protect me, so I could finish my 7 mile run.
3. Completed my 7th week of half-marathon training. 6 more to go. More than half-way there.
4. Just got off a webcam-chat with my family. Best part of the week.
5. Lots of sleep this weekend. Much needed.
6. Sewing time: nearly finished KC's stocking, resuseable grocery bags, and a very special unnamed project.
7. Still laughing about this clip from Jimmy Fallon on Saturday. Definitely made me happy.

8. Maple donuts for breakfast today. A big glass of Dr. Pepper on Friday. Mmm. Now goodbye sweets and carbonation until after the race.
9. News that my cousin Becky booked a trip out to visit us in April.
10. Escape through good TV.

1 comment:

  1. So I was hoping to hear your scary man in the gym story. Guess you'll have to fill me in on chat later. I'm glad KC came to the rescue!
    And I'm with ya-I've been escaping to TV a lot lately too. It's become theraputic. Maybe I need help. :)
    Way to keep up the running-you go girl!
    Mmm...Dr. Pepper sounds good.