February 23, 2011

Ignore This. It's a waste of your time.

I haven't done a mid-week post in a while. And believe me, I am not sitting over here only thinking about all the positive things that happen in my life. I only do that on Sundays. The rest of the week is pure gloom. [Okay, I am just kidding, well kind of. But don't call me or worry about it. It's life.]

I already know this is going to be completely random. 


My thoughts aren't that absurd. Come on, really? Why did I say that?

Our house smells like Bengay right now. Not even Bengay. Melaleuca Pain-a-Trate (rip off) I stole from my moms house 5 years ago. But it sure feels good on my legs. I killed my run today. But my calves are paying for it.

Every day I get closer to having to live a cheaper life. I am starting to think I should stock up on things I wanted to buy over the next 6 months before I get canned (tomorrow? no I think I bought myself until the 5th of March at least, and if we can't do that, it's ridiculous). Katy Perry concert tickets, new headphones, Legally Blonde the Musical Tickets, my half-marathon entrance fee, electrolyte gel for the race.

I have to do my taxes. No refund this year makes it no fun.

I could be a vegetarian only because I hate cooking meat. The prep. The time. The ick factor. But then again, there is bacon. I couldn't ever give up bacon. Or a nice juicy steak. Maybe I just need a cook.

I am married to the personality mix of Doug Heffernan and Marshall Eriksen. Exactly. I think it's a good mix.

I love having freshly shaved legs. It seems like a lot of girls like winter because they don't have to shave as much. I just can't do that. I have to shave. Maybe it's the running thing. Wearing shorts, even in the winter. Kind of like how I have to clip my toenails really short, otherwise I'll get blisters from my running shoes. TMI? Probably. I hate it when people share too much information on their blogs. Don't discuss your farts with me. It's gross. I should erase that paragraph. Oh well. I am too lazy.

Why would Justin Bieber cut his hair? His career is over. How in the world did I mention Justin Bieber twice in a week? Ugh. He's everywhere. Blasted!

Blogs are vain. Why would anyone read this? It's like a journal, but it is censored. It's. Kind. of. Stupid. But. I. Can't. Stop.

I don't know what my favorite dinosaur is. I know that Oz likes the Diplodocus. And Will Ferrel likes the Velociraptor. It seems like as a kid I liked the Brontosaurus. But it's kind of boring. The Stegosaurus is kind of cool.

David Boreanaz is "Hot" in Buffy. "Cute" in Angel. And "Eh" in Bones. Just an observation.

I can't end this post on a comment about David Boreanaz. It's embarrassing. 

Best game ever. Lego grab. Place all your legos in a pile and then each person grabs as many as they can. Then you build something with your portion of the blocks. But really, it was about the grabbing, not the building. So. Much. Fun. Don't believe me, try it. It's been years since I've played, probably 15, but I think it's time for another game. Siblings?

Have you noticed that my thoughts started out more serious/adult-like and have progressed on a downward trend. I think it's late. Ignore this post. I am going to bed.

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  1. Ok that is seriously hilarious! And not. All at the same time. Disturbingly funny perhaps? Gen, I'm sorry that you are so stressed about your job. That company is a big piece of crap and doesn't deserve you! When they kick you to the curb, you kick them back even harder. (how's that for a Christlike attitude) :)
    I love your honesty. I always try to be more honest on my blog, but just can't do it. I have a hard time opening up to people, even in the blog world.
    But, I love ya. I love your random mind. Hang in there. It always gets better...it has to right?