February 20, 2011

"Underneath it All"

Crap, it's Sunday again, already? Really?

I am gonna have to dig pretty deep to create this weeks list. One, because I have to follow last week's HIGH. Two, because overall it was a crappy week. KC and I are totally wiped out.

But I've been through much worse. And if I remember anything, now is when it is most important to try to dwell on the happier moments. So here it is, this week's list:

1. Completed week 6 of half-marathon training and improved my time. I am so close to being back to on par with myself!

2. Dinner with Nate, Corissa, and Isaac on Friday. We have the best friends!

3. A surprise/accidental phone call from my mom in the middle of the day. And then a phone call with Hilary later that evening.

4. Receiving some Valentines in the mail from Debbie and Card Club.

5. Chord Overstreet singing "Baby" on Glee. Better than Bieber. Not as good as Donald Glover's role on Community this week.

6. Eclair Pudding. Mmm.

7. Movie in bed Saturday night (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps-eh). Movie on the couch Sunday morning (Shawshank Redemption-wow).

8. Catching up on the Bachelor. I'm sad, I know. But happy to see crazy Utah Michele gone.

9. I survived another week.

10. KC survived another week.


  1. Gen- it really was nice talking to you this week. Also, it is pretty impressive that Debbie gets you the cards so quickly, if it were up to me it would be months, heh.

    So was that your first time seeing Shawshank? I finally sat down and watched it last year and now it's one of my favorite movies. It is soo amazing!

  2. Shawshank is one of my all time favorite movies!!! Have you seen the Power of One? You should see that one too. Good stuff.
    I'm glad you were able to crank out a list. I'm going to have to try that. Might prove to be difficult but could help my overall attitude. Thanks for keeping up your blog! :)