February 13, 2011

Happy doesn't cut it.

I usually do a "Happy List". This week deserves more than that.

For some people "Disneyland" is the "Happiest place on Earth". I have to disagree. Because I {heart} NYC. It's my version of Disneyland. New York defines me in a couple ways.

1. I am a city girl.
2. I like to DO, rather than BUY.
3. I love the arts.
4. I like my surrounding to be man made, rather than mother nature's work.
5. I like diversity.
6. I like being on the "Go".
7. I like to experience new things.
8. I'm proud of being independent.
9. I enjoy observing people.
10. I'm happiest when traveling.

Anyway, so why was I talking about NYC?

Krick had to come out to NYC this week for work, and they paid for Randy to join her to make a trip of it. Being only 2 and a half hours away, I decided to join up with them. I booked a bus ticket and early Saturday morning KC dropped me off in Hartford to head south. (KC had the WNEC basketball tournament, so couldn't join us).

I got to NYC by 9am Saturday and then we were on the move until midnight. I loved it. Every minute!

We started the day with some Hot Chocolate at a cute cafe and then a walk around 30 Rock. We hit Times Square and a couple shops. We picked up tickets at the TKTS booth for Mary Poppins at 50% off. and just killed the day away with catching up on family, work, and other stuff. And maybe fit in a surprise celebrity, who I may or may not have accidentally held hands with. But it's a secret for now. (I'll explain another day).

Kristin and I had always talked about going to NYC together. It was surreal actually being there with her. We should have been born New Yorkers. We just both feel so comfortable and at home there. And it was fun to be there with someone that shared the same love for the city and for the plays/musicals.

Mary Poppins was great fun. I love it when plays take a childhood story and make twists to it. The order of things were mixed up and some added elements were surprisingly keeping us smiling. Of course "Steppin' Time" stole the show. Fantastic tap dancing!

We hit our hotel for 5 minutes after the show. Just to freshen up and grab pur tickets for the evening show. Then took the Subway back to Times Square for dinner at Bubba Gump's. Which was surprisingly good. And our waiter was a hoot. And it was nostalgic for Krick and Randy. The entire trip we exchanged stories of our honeymoons to NYC. I enjoyed hearing of their trip and thinking back to mine and KC's.

After dinner, we got in our second show. I know...HEAVEN!!! 2 shows in one day!!! Best Day ever (or at least close).

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark
Broadway Musical

Before the show, I knew this. Horrible reviews. The show was in preview. Tons of injuries to actors. Most expensive set to date.

It was freakin' awesome. Story was kind of lame. But what it lacked there, they made up for ten times over in the set and flying/fighting sequences. Holy crap it was nuts. And there is absolutely no way tha show can ever travel. So I am extremely happy we went. I was on the edge of my seat the entire show (literally). I was entirely enamored by the settings. They made it very clear it was a comic book with all of the drawing based scenery and costumes. They played with illusions. In one scene you are even looking down from the top of the Chrysler Building as The Green Goblin falls to his death. And no matter where you sat in the theatre Spidey was sure to fly over your head. It was worth every dollar I spent. It wasn't the best musical ever (hello, that's Wicked), but it was incredibly entertaining.

After the show, we watched a great Beatles street performance. And then walked past the Empire State building and stopped inside of Grand Central. By the time we turned off the lights around 1am, we were all completely exhausted from having so much fun (and probably because of all the walking).

It was just a great, fabulous, incredible, supercalifragalicousexpialadocious (sp?), happy day. And though a lot of happy things happened this week, they are all being shadowed by this Saturday in NYC.

(Thank you, once again, Krick and Randy for a great day. You guys are the best people to vacation with!)

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  1. Well, you know I'm nowhere near a city girl, but I really want to go to NYC...if nothing more than to truly feel like a fish out of water. It sounds like an amazing experience. I'm glad you had so much fun. I am totally living through your experiences right now, since I'm pretty much stuck at home every day. But maybe someday when I'm healthy and rich...ok, just healthy-we can go to NYC together.