February 06, 2011

The Happy List

...for this week consists of:

1. Headbands.

2. Driving down to the Westfarms Mall in CT. Best stores!

3. Crazy dreams.

4. Getting the non-stop giggles at 4am.

5. An awesome episode of Community.

6. Talking on the phone with Krick.

7. I still have a job.

8. SNL with Dana Carvey (even though I fell asleep 3/4 through).

9. Completed week #4 of Half-Marathon training.

10. Finally seeing and LOVING Step-Brothers.

1 comment:

  1. I have a Happy List that has been on-going since my mission and has grown quite large. But I'm loving your weekly happy lists-what a great way to stay positive and remember the good parts of life. I might have to copy you. :)