January 30, 2011

The Happy List

For this week consists of:

1. Getting a letter in the mail from my bro.

2. Good music.

3. A rejuvenating yoga session.

4. Trying out new recipes. This one turned out good.

5. Laughing at random and dumb things.

6. Started "Angel", Season 1

7. Made it through another week of work.

8. Sleeping in during the weekend.

9. Finished the 3rd week of half-marathon training.

10. Highlight of the week: The Jukebox the Ghost concert w/KC, Steve and Adanna.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:32:00 PM

    I'm so glad you have been watching Buffy and are starting Angel. I just watched all of those this past year (and ok, maybe I watched each season of Buffy twice). I love them! I'm curious about the comic books. How do you like them?