January 24, 2011

Sub Zero

  • Heated Blanket
  • 2 cups of steaming hot cocoa 
  • Socks 
  • Heater On 
    Am I warm? No!

    I have never experienced this cold of weather before! The only time I was warm today was during my workout.

     For real! Do you see that? The actual low today was NEGATIVE 14 degrees. NEGATIVE people! I swear our heater isn't even cutting through the cold. Or at least it isn't reaching my body.

    Everyone always asks me if New England winters are bad. And I remember the news portraying the storms to be completely horrendous out here. But really, the snow isn't bad. Last week we experienced the worst storm we had seen in the few years we have lived here. We got maybe a foot and a half. So a lot of snow. But nothing I hadn't seen before.

    One thing I had NOT seen before was the way the snow froze. And so quickly. So if you want to know. New England storms are not bad. New England temperatures are BAD. And if you take into account the humidity factor (58% today), then the "feels like" of NEGATIVE 14 is really unbearable. So, to my Utah friends and family, enjoy watching your snow melt. Because our snow isn't going anywhere, and I am jealous of you.

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