January 23, 2011

Last week....

...the things that made me happy were:

1. Finally having a clean desk.

2. Made it through week #2 of half-marathon training.

3. Finished Buffy the Vampire slayer television series and started the comic books. (I know, who did this
to me....(fist)?)

4. Survived another work week.

5. Valentine's Day Cinnamon Jelly Heart candy.

6. Twitter

(...and chatting with friends in general)

7. These clips from the Jimmy Fallon show (favorite's from last week's episodes):

Fred Amisen (Part 1)
Fred Amisen (Part 2)
War with Ashton Kutcher

Note: I think dumb things are funny. So if you watch these and don't think they are funny. It's not my fault you don't have the same humor as I.

(My mom always watched David Letterman. It seemed weird to me to NOT have a favorite late night show. But I really didn't care much for David Letterman, Conan, Jay Leno, or Craig Ferguson. So thank Jimmy Fallon for being MY late night guy).

8. Made a cute gift:

I didn't make the monkey. But I did make and sew
on the U of U patch. (It was for a baby girl of our Utah friends
that live out here, too. Husband likes the Utes. Wife likes the Y.)

9. Met my friends' new baby. (Congrats again Nate & Corissa. He is a cutie!)

10. A new hair-do:

Yes, this picture does have a photo action. But yes, my hair also
does have purple in it. And I LOVE it!


  1. CUTE hair! Also love the monkey. And I just crack up every time I hear that you love Buffy. Are you watching Angel yet? Josh is so proud. :)

  2. Oh wow, Vieve. That hair is sassy and looks fantastic!