March 23, 2011

Little did you know...

Little did you know...I have to eat all the outside edge of a burger or sandwich first. It's risky, because the best bite is the center piece. Will I be full by then? Or won't I? I am willing to take the risk.

Little did you know...I once asked for work off so that I could watch the "Friends" series finally.  Little did you know...I knew I was a loser at the time.

Little did you know...I have claustrophobia of the toes. Actually it's kind of the opposite. Well, no it's not. I just have issues with the spacing. Half the time I cross them to get rid of the space. But then if they are crammed into shoes, it makes me want to scream. 

Little did you know...I cheated last night and had a handful of skittles. And I was...

[--this close--] popping a Dr. Pepper. But I withheld. It was an insane day. I cracked for a minute. Not gonna fret about it. What's done is done. Moving forward, sugarless...

Little did you know...I am typing with my hood on my hoodie up over my head. But I'm not a weirdo, KC's affirmed me that it's cute when I do it....not creepy.

Little did you know...I love it when it gets so hot outside, that I can push my shoe into the melting tar in a parking lot. And of getting in a car on a hot summer day and just absorbing the skorching air that's been roasting in the car. Can you tell I am cold and ready to be done with winter?

Little did you know...that I am going on a shopping spree this weekend. I feel the urge to splurge. I might not wait and just shop online. That's a horrible idea. 

Little did you know...Hautelook is addictive. I really want this and this and this...and if this weren't sold out, I would have purchased it before I could link it up. I own too much black and grey. So it's better I stay away.

Little did you know...That I got a good laugh today from this clip. [note: the first 2 min 45 sec are boring, so skip to 2:45 and then watch for the marry, screw, kill portion....I am laughing again.]


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  2. Little did you know...I personally took care of a whole bag of Reese's eggs this week.

    ...and I don't feel bad about it.

  3. Oh good...because LITTLE DID YOU KNOW...I thought you were going to slap me for the skittles incident. NOW for our marathon training, I'm not letting you get away with the Reese's thing. We need GOOD carbs.

    FYI, apples, beef jerkey, and sunflower seeds are my best friends right now in the snack category. I read seeds are good for runners. Seems to be working to help fill me up. (And I may have added Kettle Korn to that list's the small portion bags, does that help justify it).

  4. I love the fact that you eat the outside of your sand. first-that is quirky and hilarious!
    I know I'm far from training for a marathon, but I ate a bag of skittles too! Have you tried the kind with a different flavor on the inside...SO yummy! Sorry. I'll shut up now. :)
    Fun post!

  5. Crystal...that is exactly the kind I caved in to. :(