March 21, 2011


Kelsy and I were talking on the phone yesterday about Taylor Swift's concert. Which I admit, I want to go to. And so does Kelsy. It's more forgivable for Kelsy. Me? I know. But I like what I like.

Anyway, that conversation is kind of pointless to this post...what I am getting to is this....we were discussing our mutual love of her music. Again, I know. Don't taunt me. But Kelsy said that her itunes says that she's listened to each of Taylor Swift's songs over 2,000 times! So I got curious....what are my top played songs?

Click on to enlarge.
Yep, Taylor Swift was first, actually not a surprise. Again, I like what I like. Not gonna deny it. But 65 times. Really? I think I've listened to "Get Your Freak On" more than 100 times. I think this is messed up. Something seems fishy.

Ya, Bad Kids? There is no way I have listened to that 45 times. It is one of the lesser enjoyed songs in my library. And no way is it on my top 10. Hmm.

And you can just ignore the Aqua song? Just pretend you didn't see that. Okay? Cool. Thanks.

I thought, maybe it is just because this is my computer itunes library, which primarily is used while I work. Maybe it doesn't count your ipods' # of plays?

Not much different...

iPod Shuffle (primary use: workout)

Click on to enlarge.
iPod Touch (primary use: driving around town)

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So Kelsy, there you go....Not 2,000 times. But since Swift was #1 can I go to the concert with you? (the rest of you. don't. judge).


  1. Really? Doctor jones? Really?

  2. I love Doctor Jones!! Haha Seriously we were obsessed with Barbie girl. Wait...what movie has Doctor Jones in it?? I forget.

  3. Becky, it was in a movie? hmm... I don't recall anything. But now I am going to have to look it up. I just like it from the Aqua CD. Can you believe I owned that? Actually, I think Krick owned it....ya, let's blame it on her.