March 20, 2011

Week 11

I'm laying in bed watching Apprentice since March Madness has hijacked the living room tv for the past 4 days. Not complaining, relaxing in bed on Sunday night is just what the doctor ordered. And speaking of March Madness...did you watch the Butler v. Pitt game? Insane! Even more insane...a 3 year old is dominating our tourney group. Haha.

K, moving on.

1. I still have a job? (yes, still in limbo. Oh. Well.)
2. Um, probably the BEST corned beef I've ever had.
3. A walk in the park with Kase. Our park is awesome! (Designed by the same guy who did Central Park.)
4. We sold our iPads and purchased iPad 2s. Big smiles.
5. Nailed my 9 mile run today, finishing out week 11 of half marathon training. Two weeks to go.
6. Learned how to machine stitch quilt binding. No more hand stitching. And I really love the look of it.
7. Watched Phantom of the Opera. It's definitely still my favorite movie. With 500 days of Summer being a very close second.
8. Reading 'The BFG' while I pause my other book in-between iPads. My fourth grade self loved Roald Dahl.
9. My mom. She's been great to have a call away.
10. A good, long bath.

1 comment:

  1. Phantom of the Opera is really your favorite movie? Wow! I only saw it once and don't recall liking it. I will have to watch it again and give it another shot-maybe I was grumpy that day. :)
    Glad you still have a job. That company makes me fume.
    I am however so glad you are for sure moving back. Yay!
    Hang in there Gen!
    Oh and you're doing amazing on your marathon training..I am uber impressed!