March 16, 2011

Don't Laugh.

Two posts in one day. Wow. Two stupid posts. Oh well, it's my blog. I'll do it if I want to.

Here is my March Madness bracket. It took me a whole 5 minutes to fill out. It wasn't just click this, click that. I did give it some thought. But just a bit. A very small bit.

And because I am sitting here typing this with a Blue Devils sweatshirt on, I better support my team. And "my team" is used lightly here. I don't really care about college basketball. Well, let me clarify. I don't really care about basketball. Period. It's easily one of the lamer sports. Is lamer a word? Well, who cares, I just made it one, for basketball.

Still, I love a good bet. And I like competition. So Josh, you are going down! "Most awesome" what? You can't name yourself that before the tournament, there's no proof of this said awesomeness? (You know I am just messing with ya? right?'re my bud. And you are kind of awesome. I'll give you the "kinda" of credit. You are out there on the "most" thing though...).

Big. Period. Talk. Period. (Did. you. like. that. Kase? I did it just for you).

Man, I've got attitude today. Vievetude. Don't. Test. Me.

Now, what was I saying. Oh ya, "Go Duke!"


  1. Ha ha! I'll make sure Josh reads this. And yes, Gabby did her picks by herself, for the most part. She liked anything that had George in it because of her friend George. She liked Princeton because she likes Princes. She picked W. Virginia because her cousins live in Virginia. She has about as good of a picking method as me! :)

  2. This could get interesting. I picked Kansas to take the whole thing. I hope it's Kansas and duke in the end. Of course I picked my teams in about 60 seconds with no research whatsoever.