March 16, 2011

Am I ready for this?

Krick and I talked on the phone last week. It's funny because both of us are dreading the marathon. But I think that is normal. Are we sure we can do this? I think we can. (krick stop reading for a minute) But it's kind of nerve wrecking going in. Part of me says I just can't handle that. But I think I should try. I mean its 26.2 freakin' miles. The half is hard, now double it. Gosh, that is daunting. But, I've GOT to do this. I am not getting any younger, it's time. And I am dragging Krick into it. Seriously, I am a much better runner because of her. So it's fitting we run it together.

(Krick, you are welcome to continue here...)

We had always talked about doing the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran. But when it got down to the grind, we weighed all the pros and cons of different races and settle on the Deseret News Marathon in July. Our reasons:

1) We don't want to be training into October. If we are going to do this. Let's just do it and get it over with.

2) We want our family and friends cheering us on. And if we flew somewhere, we wouldn't have that. We are now recruiting people who want to join us in a mile or few along the road. That is very exciting to think of running portions of it with siblings, parents, etc and having others smile and cheer as we pass. It's gonna be cool.

So this is what I sent Krick. Deseret News Marathon. July 25th, 2011. 26.2 miles. Training schedule. Gulp!

PS - No news still on the job front. I have a job currently. But I am still in limbo. I haven't moved over to the other side of the company. I was supposed to find out on Monday what is happening. That was pushed back to Wednesday. And then pushed back again until Thursday. So not sure. I'll keep you posted. It's easier to tell everyone here, then make 20 phone calls to my gigantic family. :)


  1. Why must u keep bringing this up. Kicking and screaming...

  2. I will TOTALLY run some of it with you-that would be way fun! Wait-where is it? Anyway, I totally want to be there to support your run and will give you a couple miles of my own. Don't expect too much since I still have baby weight on me! ha ha!