March 13, 2011

Week 10

I seriously considered skipping the happy list this week. Yes, it was a rough week. But what good does it do to sit around having a pitty party. I still have a lot of good in my life. A LOT. And I've actually been through much worse.

1. Had a great, relaxing weekend. Read, watched a lot of movies, snuggled.

2. Got a new card game. Ratuki. My. Kind. Of. Game.

3. Finished week 9 of half-marathon training. 3 weeks until race day.

4. Krick and I planned out marathon training and picked a race and day. More to come on that later.

5. The. Best. Family. EVER.

6. 8 years ago today KC and I had our first date. I am happy he is still in my life and still is as silly as ever.

7. Sunflower seeds.

8. Talk of birthday plans.

9. Just finished our taxes, now just need to drop it off at the accountants tomorrow for filing. Although having the paperwork done makes me happy, the looming payment will not be a happy event. I am so glad I am not a 1099 employee in 2011.

10. Daylight savings. It made me happy to have it light at 5:30pm.

Well, I have no clue what next week is going to bring. But I am ready for it. Wish me good luck. And I hope you all have a great week!

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