May 16, 2011

The Game of Life

We are downgrading. Yep. You really can't go anywhere but down when you've lived in the old Milton Bradley factory. Okay, so you can go up, but The Trump Tower penthouse really isn't in our budget. But our apartment is probably the #3 reason why we are sad to leave Massachusetts. [The #1 and 2 reason is being close to Broadway/Times Square. I *heart* NY and our MA friends].

I started packing last week, but before I did, I made sure to snap some shots of our lovely apartment and our first residence together. Plus for those of you who didn't get the chance to visit, it's a little tour.

[Not the best of pictures, but they'll suffice.]

Another view of the living room.
I love our NY map and fire exit photos/illustrations.
Pardon the crookedness...
[And thank you to J&K again for the couch!]
Dining Room view from living room.
L door: closet, M door: bathroom, R door: front door.
Dining room view from entry door.
L door: bedroom, M door:closet, R door: bathroom.
Dining room view into kitchen and living room.
Note, nothing on the fridge...a source of contention.
I hate stuff, magnets, pictures, on refrigerator doors.
KC likes it.
Since I spend more time in the kitchen, cooking, I win!
Kitchen view into dining room.
Kitchen again.
Bedroom view from dining room.


  1. This really is a great apartment. Make sure to also get pictures at the places you frequent like the pizza place, the sub place and killaz hair salon.

  2. I fell in love with your place. I would live there in a heartbeat!

  3. your apt. is SOooo cute! I'm bummed I never got to see it. Great pix! And everything looks so clean and decorated. Come do our house now. :)
    You probably can't stand our fridge huh? It's completely covered in stuff-mostly Gabby art. I LOVE it but I know most people hate it. oh well.
    Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  4. I loved your makes me a little sad seeing the pictures. What a great adventure you two had!!
    But...really glad you are both home!