May 15, 2011

Week 19

1. Completed my 17 mile run. [so sore today.] And I ran it at the park not on the treadmill, which made me very happy. [Other interesting facts: 17 miles is 1800 calories burned. I ran a total of 38 miles last week].

My Nike+ Run Log from 5/14/11
2.  KC took his last final, ending his law school career. Grades have been coming in and this could be his best semester yet. Awesome! My husband is incredible! [And if you are wondering, he's loving being finished. Went golfing, played tennis, started reading for enjoyment. He's been in the best mood!]

WNEC Law School Building
3. Started reading "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane".

4. Seeing the previews for the next Bachelorette. Can I say "Guilty Pleasure"?

5. [miscellaneous inspiration]

Totally did this.
So much better than a ponytail.
6. Saw Legally Blonde the Musical. Still listening to the music. It was such a fun and entertaining musical. Definitely see it if you get the chance.

7. The "Get the 3L Outta Here" party at Theo's on Wednesday. Hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, and watching Steve start a fight and having KC break it up [Highlight of the evening, you couldn't get better entertainment]. "KC, did you see that? Why was that guy so MEAN? He was so ST-U-PID" -Steve

8. Dinner with Nate, Corissa, Dan & Kate on Friday at Northampton Brewery. Good food, good people.  And as we were walking over to the restaurant I got hollered at. Totally funny. Especially since KC had asked me to switch out of my red heels because they looked "hookerish". I was wearing shorts and these guys hollered "WHOOOHOOO![whistle] Check out that ass! Yayyyaaaaa!" [I think running has given me some junk in the trunk]. KC and I were totally laughing.

9. A long phone call with Krick comparing running notes and then chatting about everything.  I am excited to be around my sister again. It will be good to get back to having a running partner. Plus, Utah Gymnastics, Utah Football, Asher, and someone to go to musicals with. We have lots of fun together.

10. Candlepin Bowling with Nate & Corissa. I love them! [Saying goodbye was not fun. It did not make me happy. I bawled the car ride home. But luckily they are the kind of friends we'll see again. Thank you Nate & Corissa for making your weekend open for us. I will say it again, you guys are the best friends someone could ask for and I love you both! And PS - you make adorable offspring ;)]

KC, Vieve, Corissa, Nate & Isaac

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  1. I am so excited for you to come back. Seriously, you are the perfect running partner. Plus, all the other stuff: Football, gymnastics...CONCERTS. Don't forget about concerts.

    I looked up the Capital Theatre season tickets. The season ticket shows aren't all that great (Blue Man Group, Beauty and the Beast, South Pacific and Million Dollar Quartet. BUT the extra shows are the shows I do want to see. Wicked, Rain and Rock of Ages.