May 08, 2011

Week 18

It didn't feel like an eventful week, but now that I look back, it was filled with all kinds of good stuff.

1. I am an aunt again. I wasn't sure about a girl joining the kiddos, my nephews rule, but I am already in love with Story Esme Gillette. And what a cool birthday, Cinco de Mayo!

2. I completed my 7.5 mile run and another week of marathon training. (I think I really went about 8.5 though with my warm up and cool bonus!)

3. Read the book Bossypants by Tina Fey. So hilarious!

4. Purchased my ticket to Legally Blonde the Musical. Eeek! Couldn't be more excited!

5. I don't drive much by myself. No need. I never go anywhere by myself. But I had to run some errands yesterday and got to sing to MY songs and blast the music in the car. It made me happy.

6. Haha. I am totally laughing at myself. But I am going to going to embrace my geekiness and just lay it out there. Yesterday was international scrapbooking day. I've been in a rut and have had no interest in scrapbooking lately. But some of the online communities threw some events. Luckily I was able to participate in some of the later events last night and got pumped up again to get back into the hobby. Plus I had an interesting conversation about Zombies with a fellow scrapbooker, which totally made me laugh. The scrapbooking community is sometimes a fun group to belong to. [Othertimes, it's just embarrassing...why can't all scrapbookers be normal humans and not mainly weird mormon moms].

7. A new game my cousin Becky introduced me to. It's called Tiny Wings. I am addicted.

8. Snuggling with KC. There isn't much time for that right now with finals going on, but when he gets home he pulls me into the beanbag or on the bed and snuggles me. I love it.

9. My nephews saying in one word "loveyoumissyou". It makes me melt every time.

10. I got to speak with my brother Dano whose in El Salvador on an LDS mission. He's awesome. And every time I talk to him he gets even better. I never thought he would grow up, it was kind of frustrating. But he finally is getting somewhere. I love it.

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  1. I'm half way through bossypants and I think it's so-so. We'll have to discuss.

    When are u seeing legally blonde? You are going to love it. Bend and snap, whipped into shape, positive...such great music and dancing. "he left while we were shaking junk."