May 01, 2011

Week 17

1. The first 11 miles of my 15 mile run. [11-13 were so-so. And 14-15 were miserable.]

2. Read the 3rd book of the Hunger Games "Mockingjay", which I couldn't put down. I hate finishing a good book.

3. Spending a hour and a half taking pictures at the park today. Seeing the world from a photography standpoint is always so much more vivid. [more pictures later]

A single pink tulip.

4. Sleeping in a cold room, under a warm blanket.

5. Chili's chips and salsa.

6. Good enough weather to wear shorts and BBQ Kabobs.

7. Osama Bin Laden is dead. KC just informed me.  But Jim Gaffigan said it best "Obama Bin Dead" [Note: this list isn't in any specific order.]

8. Seeing a performance of Daniel Radcliffe in "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying" on the Today show.

9. Hearing Spiderman the Musical closed and knowing that I saw it before it did.

10. KC had his last day of classes. We are in the final stretch now. 21 days until graduation. 22 until I send this boy on a plane home. 23 until I get in a truck and drive across the country.

KC on his way out the door to his last class of law school.

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