April 25, 2011

Week #14-16

Getting back on track. Because life is good, this list will be a piece of cake. [knock on wood]

1. Took a few days off of work and had a mini vacation with Becky and KC.

2. I got my nose pierced.

3. KC and I celebrated our birthdays. We are old. 27 years old, in fact. That's this first age where I thought for a moment...that's kind of old.

4. Listening to the Jersey Boys soundtrack and singing out with KC to "December 1963 (What a Night)".

5. Got some exciting news from Kelsy. I love that Kelsy. Can't wait to have my BFF back!

6. Started Marathon Training. I've run a total of 47 miles this round of training.

This book is changing my whole outlook on running. Thanks for convincing me to read it Krick!

7. Watching the Red Sox sweep the Angels. Becky, what have you done? There are SOOOO many games! [shaking head].

8. KC is growing back some beard scruff and he looks really smokin'. He's good lookin', if I might say so. So ya, my hot husband makes me happy. And he's smart and funny. I got the entire package ;)

9. The idea of being able to hug and play with my nephews in less than a month. Eeeeeeek!

Me and "B" - 2009
"Scratch" and Me - 2010
Me and "Oz" - 2009
When I left only Basil could walk. Now they all have full conversations with me on the phone and webcam. These boys are bringing me back. Otherwise, I think I might send KC home and I'll hang out East for a bit longer.

10. Enjoying my new position at work and having a job to support KC and I. Plus being able to clock out at a normal hour is amazing!

PS - The idea of packing is NOT making me happy. So life isn't perfect. But it's good.


  1. Yay for facial hair..I LOVE it when Josh's is just coming in too. Again, I'm glad your trip was so awesome. I'm glad you told me about that marathon book. I have no intentions of ever doing a full marathon but would love to do a half someday so I'll check out that book for sure. See you soon!

  2. Your welcome. Baseball is the best!! (right now I'm watching my Dodgers play the Marlins) And yes the Red Sox have been doing good...I think it's ever since we saw them play ;)