April 23, 2011

Franks 'ere

...previously on genevievegarner.com Me, KC, and my cousin Becky visited NYC for two days. Met a man named Arnold. Saw two broadway shows. And got soaked in the rain...

The third day of the trip we headed out to Boston. Well, Becky and I headed out to Boston. KC decided to be responsible and stay home to work on his oral argument for school. [BORING]. But I appreciate him working so hard...so I understood.

It rained all the way out to Boston, so we were a bit concerned if the game would get rained out. But by the time we got to Boston it was be-a-u-tiful! Seriously, best weather for a ballgame.

We packed onto the subway. Becky was stunned by how many people could cram onto the train. It was a pretty crazy ride. We found out that it was because the Boston marathon was the next day! There were tons of runners everywhere wearing their track suits. It was pretty cool.

We got to the game at the top of 3rd inning. Bummer to be late, but we got some Franks and found our seats, which were great! I've always sat in the bleachers at ballgames. Well, not true, we sat in seats at the Giants game. Oh and the Reds game. So I take that back. Still, these were probably the best seats. Thanks Beck!

Is there any venue better than Fenway? NO!

Becky, with her pink sunglasses.
Is that a surprise that Beck has pink sunglasses? No.
That girl loves everything pink. It's her mark.
I love sunglass photos. Look at that stadium!
The green monster.
Dodgers shirt? [shaking head]. Just teasing Becky.
Is that a 14 ERA? Holy crap, that sucks!
[Becky taught me all about the stats]
That's what we like to see. I like to think it was because their
lucky charm (me) was there. Is that vain?
You are going to have to suffer some random shots. Just go with it.

After the game, down by the field. Boston babes!
Don't you love my cap? I do. It's gets the most use out
of all my caps :)
Last time I went to Fenway I didn't see these signs.
I am sure they were there, we just didn't tour the stadium like Becky and I did.
This was my favorite.
Becky, not sure if this was her fav. but it's a good one too.

And then, we shopped. I forgot to tell you a drastic story from NYC. After it poured on us. And I was completely soaked. Not joking. Completely soaked. I grabbed my dolphins shirt out of my bag so that I could dry off my face. And then I used it to sit on the seat next to Becky that we had gotten wet with our bags. Well, when we got off the bus, the shirt was left behind on the seat. I didn't realize until I got back home. It was a sad day. So let's take a minute of peace for the shirt (and for Susie-Q...just about the only dog I liked).
Vieve and Susie-Q
That shirt was my favorite. It got lots of use and went on many vacations (the above was in Lake Tahoe) since it was a good shirt to sleep in and not be scandalous around family and friends ;) It was a perfect fit. I had it for I think 8 years.

But, I had to move on. And so I got this shirt. Because I love me some Big Papi.

David Ortiz = Big Papi, if you were curious.
You know Big Papi....
What a stud, right? So he's only a DH now and will probably retire soon.
But I've liked him since we moved out here. So it was an easy choice to get his shirt.
Okay, and for Krick....you think we'll make it here someday? Ha. Ya, right. Not a goal of mine. Too much dedication. But it was cool to see.

We then hit the Harbor, to pay homage to Hilary and her happy place.

Becky. I think she was texting Hilary.
Becky. Wait is that a pink purse too?
Just giving you a hard time, Beck.

A cute foreign couple took our picture. But at least they spoke english.
Becky and I were walking around evesdropping on people just to find someone
who could take our pic. I couldn't believe how hard it was. Tourist season already?
K, I am pretty proud of this pic. I love the sailboats and the sun. 

We ate at Quincy Market in a restaurant called Dicks. That place is hilarious. All the waiters are, well...Dicks. The guy came  up threw our placemat and silverware on the table. Our menu was on a poster board. And when I asked what the "Dolly" was...he rubbed his chest and said "It's two chicken breasts, skinless boneless"...and then moved his fingers onto his nipples and said "without the nipples". I wish I would have asked what the "Woody" was. Haha.

I don't have pics of our hats. But the waiter made paper hats for us and wrote on them. Mine said "Coming to a pole near you" and Becky's said "Mayor of Skankville". We got some weird looks from people walking past the restaurant, but we couldn't stop laughing. And the waiter kept making fun of me for ordering just a rootbeer. And that Becky was from Utah...he asked her if she went to BYU. We laughed about that as she sipped her alcoholic beverage. I love Becky.

We then walked over to the Garden, with Becky being tipsy, that was an adventure. Haha.

And then we left for home.


Monday morning we slept in, took our time. Got some dunkin' donuts, since Becky hadn't ever tried them. And then we dropped KC off at school and took off for our next state, Rhode Island.

I said to Becky, it's funny. Day 1-2 we went to NYC, Kricks favorite place. Then Day 3, Hilary's favorite place Boston. And now we were heading to my Mom's favorite place, Newport.

We ate at a lovely restaurant in the main shopping district. Both tried New England clam chowder for the first time. It was delicious. We both agreed. And I don't like fish. But it was good.

We then drove along Ocean Avenue and looked at the enormous mansions. Then stopped at the fishing spot that KC, Steve, and I originally found on our first trip.

It's the most beautiful spot in the United States, as far as I know. It feels like you are standing at the edge of the world. It's peaceful. No tourists. Just you and then Atlantic Ocean.

Becky. And a pink shirt? :)

The Ocean = My Happy Place
If I could. I would live right there.
Just sit down and stare at the Ocean
for the rest of my life.

Then we stopped by John Adams fort. Can you believe it? We actually visited a historical place. I know, you think being in New England we would have had a million pictures of this historical spot and that. But nah, we know how to vacation right ;)

Becky at Fort Adams.
Me at Fort Adams. There was NO ONE there. NO ONE. Seriously, we
were the only car in the parking lot. It was kind of erie. I felt like
John Adams ghost was going to come out to say high. I was kind of spooked.


After we got home, we decided to try and replicate a pic of us as kids. This pic:

Gen and Becky, I am guessing ages 12 and 10.
Gen and Becky, Ages 27 and 24
When KC saw the first pic, he said, "Now I know why you got braces". Haha. I know! Thank you Mom and Dad for getting me braces. 

The next day, we had to have Becky to the airport by like 2:30. All week Becky and I had pestered KC about letting me get my nose pierced. It's something I've always wanted. It's on my bucket list. KC isn't a fan of piercing or tattoos. As we were about to take KC to school at 1pm, KC finally said "Go get your nose pierced". We were stunned. And then immediately looked up tattoo parlors. We dropped him off, went to the tattoo parlor, but the piercer wouldn't be in until 3pm. Too late for us.

So we went to a second tattoo parlor. And I am so glad we did. The lady was hilarious! Seriously. Hilarious. I wish I could remember everything she said. But she was rambling on about Rumba, losing weight, botching up a eyebrow piercing when she was learning, etc. [Which I am glad she told that last story after my piercing was done...] Anyway, we did it. And I love it.

My new jewelry.

If you're mad, blame it on Becky, she's a bad influence. Haha. No really, I learned, Becky is an incredible person. I am going to get my soap box out for a minute. 

My Grandma Johnson was the MOST amazing person. She loved everyone, NO MATTER WHAT. I never saw her mad. She was always positive. I remember once, Kelsy was about 3 and got stung by a bee. I remember running inside and saying "Grandma, Kelsy just got stung by a bee." and she replied "That's cool". So positive. She was hilarious. She loved sports. She loved being around family. She was amazing. 

If I learned anything about grown up Becky on this trip, it's that she is exactly like my Grandma Johnson. I think that is the highest compliment you can give someone. And Becky is fully deserving of it. She was absolutely the best guest. Not once did I get annoyed or sick of having her around. She was simply nice, easy going, and fun. I am lucky to know her. I am even more lucky to have her as family. Grandma would be proud of who Becky is. 

KC said to me just today. "I've never seen you be more of yourself around anyone, than you were with Becky." My reply, "Because I know she would love me no matter what." I feel like I can be myself around her. I didn't feel like I needed to suck in. Or sensor myself. I didn't feel like I need to be the smartest person in the room. And I didn't feel like I needed to have a perfect past, present, or future. And that's what family should be about. So thank you Becky for being so awesome and for keeping Grandma's attitude and passion for life living on. You are someone to want to be like. I love you. And thank you for such a memorable trip! 


  1. What can I say...I do love pink! Haha Thanks for the great compliment, how much do I owe ya for saying all that? ;) Love you Gen!!!!

    PS So we are BFFC, right?

  2. So after seeing NYC, Boston and rhode island which place did Becky prefer?

  3. LOVE the photos...I just can't get over what an amazing adventure you are having. I know it's bittersweet that it's coming to an end...we'll do our best to make you happy you came back! :)
    Becky sounds like a rare person indeed-you are blessed!

  4. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I'm sad we weren't able to visit you guys while you've been out there! I looove that pic you guys recreated. So cute! :)

  5. Oh and PS...in case I didn't stress it enough during our chat...I freaking LOVE the nose ring!!!