April 20, 2011

Ces Soirees La

Crazy. Smashing. Fun. Wild. Hot. Awesome. Dope. Beautiful. Mind-Blowing. Magnificent. Cool.

How do you explain our past weekend?

I guess, I'll just say:


I think you kind of get the point.

My cousin Becky came to town on Thursday. Becky and I were pretty much inseparable growing up. Best friends. The first time I watched Thriller was with Becky. The first person I called when I got my first car was Becky (which is a great story for another day).

After 17 on,  we didn't hang out much because of some family stuff. We lived our lives, occasionally seeing each other at family outings. So when Becky told me that she wanted to visit, I was stoked.

I picked her up from the airport and we just caught up for the next few hours. Totally laughing about our crazy family. Seriously, crazy doesn't do it justice. Our family is OUT there. But I wouldn't have it any other way....it's awesome. It's fun. It's the BEST.

We "face-timed" with Krick, Derek, and Hilz...which was hilarious. What a crack up. Asher was being a riot.

We picked up some pizza and ice cream cake for KC's birthday, which was the next day. But since we were going to be in NYC, we celebrated that night after we picked up KC from school at 10pm.

27 years old.
He almost burned down the house!
The next morning we got up and our neighbor drove us to Hartford, CT to catch the bus to NYC. The bus ride was fun. But seriously, we probably made everyone else want to kill us. We were loud and abnoxious. So Johnson of us.

Don't you love KC being creepy in the background?
Once we got to NYC, we walked over to our hotel. It was noon and we weren't supposed to be able to check in until 4pm. So we planned on having them just hold our bags. When we got there, I asked the concierge if he would hold our bags.

With a huge smile he said, "What if I told you I could just check you in now."
Me: "How much would that cost?"
Him: "$100"
Me: "Nah, just hold our bags"

At this point Becky and KC are laughing. The concierge was obviously teasing me. I just didn't catch on. So we get checked in. We go up to our room and the door is open. And it won't close. We throw our bags in, hit the restroom, and then Becky and I ran downstairs to tell them about the door.

Me: "The door won't close. The lock is stuck open. Can you please send someone up to fix it or move us rooms?"
Concierge (Arnold): "Sure. I'll just move you rooms."

He goes over to the computer.

Arnold: "Did you use the restrooms?"
Me: "Yes"
Arnold (smiles and blatantly flirting): Did you...uh...lay in the bed? (in a wink-wink attitude)

Then Becky told me she wanted to go to a certain, riske museum, which got Arnold interested. That was an awkward conversation. Ha. OMG. Becky and I were totally laughing. We laughed all the way back up to the hotel room and then all weekend kept saying "Did you..uh...lay in the bed?"

When we left on Saturday, we went to go pick up our bags from being held. KC hands Arnold the tickets. And Arnold goes to get the bags, but then sees me...and gets a huge smile on his face. He says "Oh, I remember you." I think Arnold had a crush. We all did. Flattering. But more so funny. It was hilarious. I had to write that down. Because it was definitely something we laughed about the whole trip.

K, moving on.

It was Becky's first time in NYC. So we hit all the touristy spots. [Get ready for LOTS of pics]

Becky and I in Times Square. 
Times Square
I love this picture. 
Seriously, Times Square is the best place.
Every time I go, I see something different.
KC and I
Another one of KC and I.
KC. Lookin' cute.
Me in NYC = Me Happy
The Three Amigos.
The first time I went to NYC broadway was still open for traffic.
Every time I've gone since Broadway being closed, I've loved sitting in the chairs,
and just hanging out in Times Square. I love that it's a pedestrians/tourists paradise.
It's the BEST place to people watch.
Being sassy in the big city.
Probably my FAVORITE picture from the trip.
That's hot! I suggest going to NYC with Beck, she rocked that city!
While in Times Square we picked up tickets to Jersey Boys at the TKTS booth. We were debating what to see, KC wanted Addams Family, Beck wanted Rock of Ages, and I could have seen anything, but Avenue Q was probably topping the list. We all had Jersey Boys as a close second. And after a attendant telling us NOT to see Addams Family, even though I like Spiderman, he persuaded us to go for Jersey Boys....and then told me I had fantastic hair. So the compliment sealed it for me. He also strongly suggested How to Succeed in Business without Trying and Billy Elliot.

After we got our tickets we went to Central Park. We visited our favorite place, Strawberry Fields.

 John Lennon's Imagine Monument.
Wait is that the Mayor of Strawberry Fields? Yes! It is!
(Guy in full denim and hat)

Central Park is beautiful. I love the blossoming trees.
This is how I feel in NYC. Every moment of being there.
More Central Park beauty.
Gorgeous, but gray.
We could be movie stars right? This venue just fits us. We look good.
Cute! Can I say that about us? We look cute!
Then we grabbed some dinner and headed to the theatre.  Jersey Boys was AWESOME! KC and I are still going around singing "Oh What a Night". KC even said to me today that he wants to see it again! Can you believe that? I mean I'm known for seeing Broadway shows twice, but KC? That is how good it was.

And because of charity event going on, they were selling signed copies of the playbills. I plan on framing all my playbills someday. So I thought, for a charity, this would be a cool addition.

Leaving Jersey Boys.
My signed playbill, that I accidentally kept calling my playboy. Oops.
We then walked through Times Square again to see the bright city lights. It's even more magical in the evening.
She is on mine and Kricks side. A NYC gal. 
Livin' large.
Where's Waldo? I mean, where's Vieve, Kase, and Becky?
The next day, we picked up tickets to another show and then took the subway down to Battery Park.

Me and Becky at the Statue of Liberty.

KC at the Statue of Liberty. It was freezing!
Oh wait...yep...cute again!
I then introduced Becky to the world of rip off purses and bargaining tactics. She was stunned to say the least. But she got a great Coach bag.

We stopped by ground zero and the Wall Street Bull and then took the subway back to Times Square for dinner and then hit the show, Billy Elliot.

Wow! Billy Elliot....those kids have T-A-L-E-N-T! Seriously. No...SERIOUSLY! And of course, if Elton John touches a musical...it's bound to be good. Aida...good. Billy Elliot....good. When do I get to see Lion King?

I got a signed playbill for this too...just the 4 Billys signed it.

After the play, we picked up our baggage, ate dinner, and then headed over to bus stop. It started to rain. And then it started to pour. And then it really started to come down....and we got SOAKED. You would have guessed I just stepped out of the shower. My hair was dripping wet. Our coats soaked through. But all we could do was laugh. It was so sad, it was hilarious.

We probably could have ended the trip there and said it was the best trip ever. But then we kept going and going. To be continued...


  1. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you guys decided to hit The City. Can't wait to see pictures from the rest of the trip.

  2. Looks like you had alot of fun. You need to go back and see Billy Elliot in May. Boyd's cousin's 11 year old son Taden Biesinger is starring as Billy Elliot! We are planning a trip to NY this year to see him.

  3. I love living vicariously through you. My pretend life ROCKS!!! I'm glad you had such a smashing time. What memories! Can't wait to see/hear about "the rest of the story". (u may be too wrong to know that quote...I'm old)

  4. Awwww thanks for making me cry while reading this! Seriously was my best vacation ever...thanks to you and KC for being great tour guides ;) Love you!!!