April 05, 2011

Sleepy Vieve

When KC and I were dating, I often fell asleep next to him while we were watching TV or a movie. Occassionally, I would sleep talk. The other day, KC came across some notes he had taken and named Sleepy Vieve.

So, for your enjoyment:

Sleepy Vieve #1
Vieve: This is awesome.
Vieve: We can can see in color now!
KC: We can see in color now?
Vieve: Yeah, cause we couldn't see in color before.
Vieve: Now I can see my baby in color. 
[then according to KC, I gave him a hug over the exciting news.]
Sleepy Vieve #2
Vieve: The gummy bear was just enough.
Sleepy Vieve #3
Vieve: 170677
Sleepy Vieve #4
Vieve: We haven't done it before.
KC: What?
Vieve: We haven't printed the picture before.
Sleepy Vieve #5
Vieve: Where does what's his name sleep?
KC: Who's that?
Vieve: I don't know.
Sleepy Vieve #6
[Waking me up to take him home]
KC: Vieve, you need to take me home.
Vieve: If you think you're so fast why don't you just run home. 


  1. That is SO hilarious!!! I totally remember when we had our sleepovers, you were always mumbling words when you slept! HA some things never change.

  2. That is seriously SO funny! My favorite of course is the first one because it proves that deep down inside you WANT a baby! :)

  3. Crystal, I was talkIng about being able to see KC in color. You are a dork. KC is my baby ;)

  4. OHHHhh I totally misunderstood that one. Ok, Ok. I guess I still have no proof that you secretly want a baby.:)
    By the way, I think it's super darling that KC actually wrote those things down....that boy is in LOOoooove!