April 04, 2011

Week 13

I think I've already covered a lot of the positive points from last week. So forgive me for the repetition.

1. Running and finishing the half-marathon. Finishing faster than I anticipated. And getting to run outside on a beautiful day.

2. Having Nate, Corissa, Isaac, and KC at the finish line cheering me on!

3. Having most of my family on one call. 

4. Going to a movie and dinner with KC and Steve on Friday night. We saw Suckerpunch. Steve and I liked it. KC hated it. If you see it definitely don't go with high expectations. But I'd watch it again.

5. Laughing at the Grey's Anatomy: the Music Event. What. a. Joke. [Did I just admit to watching Grey's Anatomy?]

6. April started. I love April. Lots of birthdays. Becky is coming to visit. Vacation time. And it means that I can now say, "We'll be back in SLC next month." Crazy, huh?

7. KC submitted his bar application. From observation, this seems like it was the WORST part of law school. So glad that is behind him. He also put in his notice at the internship. Things are wrapping up. [And a huge thanks to Terri for saving the day on helping KC with the Utah driving records...Terri, you are the BEST!]

8. We owe nearly half of what I anticipated we would owe for taxes! I actually saved more myself as a 1099 employee than getting a refund back and putting it into savings. Shows how fear of being unprepared leads me to overcompensate. My life's motto is "better safe, than sorry." I know, I'm boring.
9. My new watch.
10. Wasting Saturday morning away with KC.

PS - [I know Mom and Krick are going to want this update] I am not as sore as after my first half-marathon. I should be back to running tomorrow. Hopefully.

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  1. I know, that Grey's was so random! Especially when they tried to toss in the happy song!