April 03, 2011

Olesak Lumber Half Marathon

I'm going to push back this week's "Happy List" back to tomorrow, since I want to provide a run down of how the half-marathon went.

Now where do I start. 

I guess, I'll work chronologically. Starting with yesterday. It hit me that because this was a smaller race (450 or so people), they wouldn't have ankle/shoe time trackers. For those of you who don't participate in races, these trackers provide a more accurate running time than the finish line clock. This is because often it takes a few minutes just to get across the finish line. So KC and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get a cheap-o sports watch for me to wear, because it would drive me nuts not knowing what my actual time was. They ended up not having a wrist sports watch. I've wanted a distance tracking watch for sometime, so we decided to just go all in and purchase one. And after looking over all the option, I gave in and bought the Nike+ Sportsband. (I know, after all my rambling last week about how I don't like Nike.)

So here's the watch:

You might have seen the Nike+, that fits into a shoe and reports stats to your iPod. This is the same item, except it reports to this watch (or my iPod touch). I was always against getting the Nike+ because of the insert that goes in the Nike only shoes (I wouldn't buy a Nike shoe EVER again). But after finding seeing a pouch for the insert that ties into your laces, I was sold.

Okay, with all my gear on. My sports bar, banana, and sports jelly beans eaten, we headed to Westfield for the race. KC went with me to grab my packet, so that I wouldn't have to carry it, we kissed, and then he left.

After pinning my number, I hit the restroom real fast and while in line met a fellow runner in my division. She was running her 3rd half-marathon since November, when she initially picked up running. Amazing! (This plays a part in my story later, I promise.)

The girl and I went our separate ways to the start line. I put in my pre-race mix and stretched. Finally, at 11:06 the horn sounded and the race started.

I won't give you 13.1 miles worth of details. But there were a few things I wanted to jot down:

  • I finished the first mile after 9 min 20 sec. Treadmill training my first mile was always my slowest, typically around 10 min 45 sec. I was off to a great start.
  • The first 4 mile were full of steep hills. I am not exaggerating, I think we climbed a small mountain.
  • Mile 3 was the hardest part of the race. All up hill. Windy. Hot.
  • I hit the 10k mark at 59 min 32 sec.
  • My best mile was 8 min 56 sec.
  • It was a beautiful day. Beautiful trail. We ran past probably 4 rivers. And mostly farmland. It was a great way to see more of MA. Perfect day for 13.1.
  • Shortly after mile 4 I pass the girl from the restroom. We chatted for a minute, particularly about the crappy hill during mile 3. The rest of the race we kept going back and forth with who was in front of whom. I ended up finishing first. After mile 10 I think she dropped back, because I didn't see her again. Just a funny thing. Nice person. I think moments with strangers are odd, do you?
  • I kept between 9 min 13 sec pace and 9 min 56 pace most of the race. I finished strong and never really got too tired (minus the 3rd mile hill...but I still RAN it).
  • My biggest challenge was the stomache ache that I started to get around mile 6. I ate some goo and it helped reduce the uneasiness, but my stomache felt like crap most of the race. I hate it when that happens :(
  • As I finished the race, I looked up to see our friends Nate and Corissa. They are amazing friends! It seriously made my day to have them there cheering me on :)
  • KC was so sweet at the end of the race, got me water, and let me lean on him while I stretched. He is so amazing to put up with my shenanigans. He made me laugh as we were leaving. He said to me, "It's funny, I've had time to do a lot. 2 hours is a long time. And it's weird to think that while I was getting ready and doing everything, you've just been running." Well, when you put it like that...I guess I'm kind of crazy...
  • My finish time was 02 hours 8 mins 58 seconds. 
So per Nike+ here are my race results (the drop at the end was the 30 seconds it took me to hand in my number, get my medal, etc...before I stopped tracking the run):

And here are a few pictures KC took of me finishing:

Seeing Nate and Corissa. (Nate is the guy in the bottom left taking a picture).
Seriously, they are awesome!!!

Crossing the finish line.

After the race.
And my family was asking about the medal. It was disappointing they gave it to 5k finishers, too.  You mean I could have run 3.2 miles instead? That sucks.

Now I'm just enjoying my reward of Dr. Pepper and starbursts. Was it worth running 13.1? I think so...


  1. WOO HOO!!! You rocked that half-you are going to be so ready for the full marathon. Congrats! You make me want to go running right now..but instead I'm going to sit on my fat butt in bed, watch a movie, and drink a coke. Ya, I suck! :) Love ya! Keep it up!

  2. Good work! And I mean work...because there is a ton of work involved. And thanks for posting a picture of the metal.

    You will have to send me more info on the Nike watch. It looks and sounds cool.

  3. Ohhh. (Realization dawning.) I was wondering how you knew all your stats yesterday on the phone. When you rattled off 9'45" per mile yesterday, I was like, "Geez, what a colossal nerd!" :)

    Awesome stuff. This makes me want to run one of these now. :(

    Don't know what you mean about strangers. Totally love suddenly connecting with someone in a place where you normally shouldn't (waiting at the allergists) or were you simply can't (have to get off the train.) Makes the world seem... awesome.

    Sweet pics. Sweet run. Will read again.

  4. Seriously. Can't be prouder of you. I cannot run to save my life. I can't love it. I can't want to do it. It's weird. Running and I weren't meant to be. But look at you! That's freakin' fantastic. You should be so proud of yourself. Like, crazy proud! Go you!!