September 08, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!




I said to KC two weeks ago that we should take advantage of the three day holiday over Labor Day. We didn't take a vacation during the summer. This would be our last chance at some R&R.

R&R? Ha.

We ran around from Friday night to Monday night. But. It. was. fun.

Now, we all know the saying:

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

So really this post should be banned. Oh. Well.

I am fine breaking the rules.

So first...

I get a call from my Mom Friday afternoon:

"Jealous! Have Fun! Be-a-havin'!"

Then she runs down the list:

"No Mooning
No drinking
No smoking
No snorting..."

...Way to take the fun out of Vegas, Mom...but then again, she didn't say I couldn't prostitute myself out or rob a bank. Let the Vegas trip begin!

So we pick up Hilary and Derek right after work and make the drive to Mesquite. Night one.

KC watched the rest of us irresponsible people gamble away our money. For Hilary and I, the gambling night lasted about 15 minutes at the roulette table before we were done.

-It did get us super excited for Candy Casino though!-

The next morning we drove to Vegas, with a NEAR encounter of running out of NUMBER ONE pet peeve. But luckily we made it and filled up.

We stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacation on the Strip. It was nice. The hotel room was huge and we felt like it was going to waste. A party needed to be held there. At which point, we called my Aunt Vicki, Cousin Becky, and her daughter lil' Dot to come over...we swam. Had pina coladas poolside. And soaked up the heat. So yes, I better correct myself...R&R was had.

Now onto the event of why I we picked Vegas in the first place...

When Hilary and Derek decided to come with us, we switched around our plans for said event. KC's vacation only got better at that point. Mine too. Hilary was to now attend Phantom of the Opera with me, in KC's place. Derek opted for Rollercoaster rides on the Stratosphere with Kase. Hilary and I got the better end of that stick, if you ask me.

Now...first off...Phantom has been at the top of my wish list for years...I was just never with the right people when I had the opportunity.

Secondly...because it was the girls, we, of course, dressed up. And being in Vegas, we went for the lil'
(very little) black dress look. Come wasn't on my mom's list of NO', it was okay...

So, A: I was already excited and B: we had just made the experience more fun by getting dolled up. Sometimes being a girl is just AWe-SoMe.

So Sic (Sister's in Charge)!
PS - I am not really that much taller than Hilz, I just had
massive heels on.
So, we got to the theatre, sat down in our FOURTH ROW, CENTER STAGE seats (best seats I've EVER, EVER play. to. have. them. at!). And when the show started, I immediately got chills. Yes, I am a theatre geek.

I've seen my share of plays: Wicked (Broadway - twice), Chicago (traveling broadway), Billy Elliot (Broadway), Mary Poppins (Broadway), Spiderman (Broadway), Jersey Boys (Broadway), Legally Blonde (traveling broadway), plus tons of local shows.


I had high hopes. HIGH, HIGH, HIGH hopes. And it exceeded them all. There was only one thing I couldn't get over...our phantom reminded me of Bruce Jenner. It kept made me giggling to myself. He definitely wasn't Gerard Butler sexy...but still, he had an amazing voice. And where the phantom lacked in sexy appearance, Raoul definitely made up for. Yum.

By the end of the play, Hilary and I were in tears. There is something so heartwrenching about the Masquerade reprise at the end. There are so many emotions going on...well, I won't ruin it for those of you who haven't been...because it's a MUST! Seriously, I loved every single moment of it.

After the play, we called the boys to come pick us up. While waiting we were quickly reminded of where we were. Hilary made the comment:

"If you ever need a confidence booster just go stand on a vegas street in a dress."

I can't count how many guys brazenly looked us up and down or made comments. Some were flattering...some were definitely not. My favorite: "Oh yaaaaaa, this is a nice view....very nice view."(6 guys walking behind us). And the minute we cut across, they yelled "Awwww...where are you goin'?"

And then there was the nice hispanic gentleman that came over to warn us of the ants on the railing we were leaning against. Thank you, sir. It's just too bad they were already climbing all over us.

After a painstakingly 20 minutes in 5 in. heels, ants crawling up my skirt, and being gawked at, the boys saved us.

I threatened to get in pjs and then head back to the center of the strip to people watch discreetly. Vegas attracts some weirdos. Definitely, free entertainment. But after getting shot down on that idea and the one of going to the club where Snooki was at that evening, we just grabbed dinner and crashed at the hotel.

The next morning, the boys got in their rollercoaster rides while Hilary and I ate breakfast at a diner inside the Stratosphere. Breakfast in Vegas is unique. Everyone has a hangover. They are slouched over. Hands over their face. In PJs. Or leftovers from the night before. There is the girl with a fake guitar wrapped around her that has a discreet straw for sipping on booze out of the hollow instrument. The coffee drinker at the restaurant slot machine. Paramedics attending to a lady having a seizure. And then in eyeshot of the seizing patient I say "Oh...oh...oh...." which directs Hilary to ask what's happening with the lady and I say "She's got no fingers" but about a totally different girl in the restaurant, who happens to be wearing a shirt that reads "Forgive me for partying". Gotta love Vegas.

Kase at the top of the Stratosphere.
Derek and Kase at the top of the Stratosphere.
Kase on the X-Scream.
Front row. He's nuts.
Kase taking the plunge with his hands up.
This is the last thing I would consider fun.
KC on the Insanity Ride.
Directly in center shot.
Again, I would never be able to stomach that.
After our food, we had some time to kill while we waited for the guys to finish up. We had walked past a 25 cent roulette machine coming into the Casino before breakfast, so made our way back to the machine to win back our trip. I put in $2.


I played for about a half hour, while Hilary played her $20 down to squat. When the boys showed up, I cashed out at $7.50.


But I was thrilled. Like grinning ear to ear. Giggling. Jumpy. Shout to the skies. THRILLED.

Not because I won $ I knew I was still was going home a loser from my previous bets.

But it occurred to me that the math didn't add up; that my bet didn't start at $2. It started at $5. My first reaction was that the house had goofed up on the programming of the machine. But was quickly corrected by Derek and Kase that someone had probably just forgotten to cash out. I think they are right. But for a quick minute I thought I had beat the system...You seriously won't know my excitement...I am easily pleased I guess.

Have I mentioned yet that I had never stayed in Vegas before? I went once for the Missy Elliott/Beyonce/Alicia Keys concert at the Mandalay Bay hotel. But I haven't ever roamed the strip or stayed at a hotel in Vegas. So the group humored me with some tourist attractions. Even in the 106 degree weather. (Thanks again guys!)

Inside the Bellagio.
KC, Me, and Derek.
We deemed this would totally be a snapshot of a sitcom.
You know...two guys. one girl. laughing it up. So cliche.
Sisters. I really love spending time with Hilz.
She rocks. Did you know that?
Best Picture of the Trip! I love this!
Hi. Yep a photo of me. Next...
Derek and Hilary are so freakin' cute.
 Traveling with them was a treat! 
Have you noticed the fish eye effect in nearly ever photo?
We left our DSLR at home on accident, so only had KC's gopro
and cells. Gotta love it when a fish eye lens makes your arm look huge.
Oh. Well. I still like this photo.
Me watching the Bellagio fountains.
Awesome view.
I was a bit amazed. I. told. you...easily. satisfied.
We liked the first show so much that we moved
over to the front. So glad we did too. We got a
show to Elvis's Viva Las Vegas. It was cool!
We also went over to Caesar's palace. Which Hilz and I are big fans of "Friends" we were reminiscent of the Vegas episodes they filmed. And then of course, everybody got out some wisecracks at the David statue. Where did those photos go?

Then we hit the Outlets. And we each found something. Score!

We ate at the Hard Rock cafe later that night, in lieu of a buffet. We were all not up to the task of gorging ourselves with food. However, it seems like we still accomplished that at Hard Rock. But best part of dinner. Conrad Birdies guitar was hanging. And. I. Totally. Forgot. To. Snap. A. Pick! WTF!

Oh ya, and then we did some naughty stuff. Robbed a bank. Snorted coke. You know. The usual Vegas stuff. Just teasing Mom. We were be-a-havin'.

We made it back to Mesquite that night. Gambled some more. Then got up the next morning and drove home.

Vacation. Success.


  1. Looks like a fun trip. You deserved it! Perhaps I will reconsider seeing phantom...

  2. I LOVED Phantom in SLC but imaging seeing it in Vegas would be even more spectacular!
    Your trip sounds awesome. I am beyond jealous..what's new?
    Glad you had such a great time!
    Oh and PS. I cracked up at the line "easily satisfied"...where is KC when I'm ready with a small penis joke?!

  3. So jealous about Phantom. Glad you guys decided to get away, you all definetly deserved it!! It was a blast meeting up with ya'll and spending getting some sun at your sweet pool!